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  1. well i would hope so:bonk: its gonna take more then one ride on a brand new bike to tell how reliable it is
  2. AZ-rider

    Thor and Fox helmets 2008!

    does it really say hood rich on the back lol, can u post a pic plz?
  3. AZ-rider

    08 Yz250f Vid

    my thoughts exactly
  4. AZ-rider

    red yami's

    mmm indeed
  5. AZ-rider

    Motocross Music?

    Party like a rockstar!
  6. AZ-rider

    My Tacoma

    that yota is just....sexy, yota ftw!
  7. AZ-rider

    Which bike should I buy for mx?

    well i ride honda so i, of course, am gonna say honda. but really, if your buying a used bike, just go for the best offer(condition/price), and if your buying a new bike, pic your favorite color oh, and of course, thumper > 2 smoke
  8. there, i was able to edit your grammer a bit. oh, and by the way, alot of your "american" trucks are made in mexico:p
  9. AZ-rider

    Yeah, there's a quad here...

    here come the repost police
  10. AZ-rider

    Smokers Vs. Thumpers

    im proud 2 say thumper:thumbsup:
  11. AZ-rider

    United Trenches strike again

    whats with the people tryin to defend these guys? they hav nowere to ride......there just havin fun.......bla bla bla well im not one to hate on people ridin bikes on the street, im sure we've all done/do it atleast once, but it how these people are doing it that gets people killed! im mean common, no helmets, there not obeying ANY traffic laws(speeding,running red lights, wheelies, riding on SIDEWALKS at high speeds, ect.) and there doing all of this in the middle of the freakin day, that means thru rush hour were people are driving/walkin to work and or school, not to mension all of this is takin place in the city(which for those of you who are retarded or just dont know, a city happens to be alot more dense/crowded then the countyside) and to top it off, there doing this in huge groups of like 30 people so they're pritty much unavoidable now if this were happening out in the country or desert, then i couldnt care less because there wouldnt be anyone in risk of getting hurt/killed but the ones riding, and they can ride off the crand canyon for all i care, its there life they can throw it away if they want 2. but they should get some damn respect for those around then because they hav no right to take away someone elses life.......oh but i forgot....it's fun, so nevermind what i sayed....it's ok now:thumbsup:
  12. AZ-rider

    United Trenches strike again

    na...theres way to many of them to have been stolen. plus the news probrably would of had said something like "these bikes are thought to be stolen do to the number of stolen bike reports to the police"
  13. AZ-rider

    GSXR or R6???

  14. AZ-rider

    i feel bad for this bike

    i agree:applause: