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  1. jhinderliter

    Best License Plate Holder Solution for EXC

    Thread resurrection... i have a 2015 350 f .. id like to get a kit like this and put the OEM stuff in a box on the shelf before I break it... anybody know who makes one ?
  2. jhinderliter

    Hannibal MO area riders?

    Canton MC is putting on a Grand Prix in Chanderville IL on Sunday APR 3.. check out their FB page for details..
  3. jhinderliter

    Hannibal MO area riders?

    there is an ORV park just off RT 24 just west of astoria IL... lotsa hills , some single track stuff and an MX track... http://brushyridgemotosports.com/contact_us.html
  4. jhinderliter

    WR Maps Only

    any dyno run data on these maps? Thanks
  5. jhinderliter

    New KDX owner

    i picked up a 2006 with 10 hours on it last night for my son.. we ride IL woods mostly.. he just turned 14 and is upgrading from a CRF230... the bike is clean as a whiste , runs like a top and came loaded with goodies.. he is looking forward to getting it into the woods.. ill be hangin around for some KDX tech... i take some pics this weekend
  6. jhinderliter

    pipe question

    did a full pro circut and a 132 main with the power up needle and the snorkle rmvd on my kids bike.. he is real happy with it
  7. jhinderliter

    here is a speeding ticket.

    ghost rider is the man...
  8. jhinderliter

    crf 250r

    weekend warrior woods weapon...thats all i use my 06 for... it does everything great.. plenty of low-end and grunt for the hills and single track first gear foot dabbin and it goes plenty fast up top as well... all i did to mine was slap bark busters on and set the tires to 12psi... oh and i change the oil alot
  9. jhinderliter

    crf230 stock exhaust on a crf150

    my buddy was wondering if the stcok pipe i had laying around off my kids 230 would work on his kids XR200... i might have to try it..
  10. jhinderliter

    Carburetor leaking gas

    sounds like you need to go thru the float bowl and give it a good cleaning.. make sure you dont have a buncha crap in the bottom of your tank.. if it still leaks replace your needle and seat
  11. jhinderliter

    what kind of bike should i get?

    i havent been around for a bit but good call on the sub forum somebody
  12. jhinderliter

    help plz

  13. jhinderliter

    Need Helping Deciding On Next Bike!!!

    those are both good bikes... you better go and try to throw a leg over them and stand up... or try kick starting one before you get to serious.. my kid is 5 10 and 120 lbs... the 230f fits him like a glove as an intermidiate ride..