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  1. VeLcRo

    Please help me choose!

    Buy the WRX and save for a year and then buy the bike and you can have the best of both worlds!
  2. VeLcRo

    MUDDY race day pics

    Wow that looks rough, its not even fun when its that muddy, when its a struggle to keep the bike up lol. NICE POWERWASHER!!
  3. VeLcRo

    Internal Engine Carnage,Photos inside!

    I bet you he still had the factory oil in there from 05' when he bought it. That oil was BLACK, well what was actually still in it!
  4. VeLcRo

    i learneded how to do a lazy boy

    It came out in like 1998 for PC. Still a fun game to this day.
  5. Your bike is total SECKS! VERY NICE!(borat accent)
  6. VeLcRo

    Me riding my TTR

    You look much more confident and faster then you did in the first segment of the video! Keep it up!
  7. I bet you could, it would be very hard to control because of the 2-stroke snappyness.
  8. VeLcRo

    funny goons

    OMG that is the funniest goon riding vid I've ever seen!
  9. VeLcRo

    Who's still riding a '02 to '04 450?

    Still have my 2002, runs great I love it.
  10. That bike has to haul sooo much ass!! What does that thing make to the wheel 60-65HP?
  11. VeLcRo

    Like my hub and sprocket!?

    I haven't either. Screw them in tight and you should have no problems.
  12. VeLcRo

    Exhaust Pipe Scraping Shock spring

    It has a FMF header, stock muffler, I'm gonna try to bend it back out. I'll let you know how it goes.
  13. VeLcRo

    help heating problem

    It's the nature of these bikes, they run very hot, unlike their old air cooled brothers. 10sec of the bike running the pipe is very hot already, funny indeed but its totally normal.
  14. Today I was out riding on my local track and while I was resting, I leaned on my bike and heard a scraping noise coming from the shock area. I looked down and there is my exhaust rubbing against my shock spring. How would the best way to fix this be? Should I try to bend it at the end of header(where its rubbing badly). Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  15. VeLcRo

    ktm 144 coming from crf450

    Yea that is old 250 power, definitely not making those numbers.