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    Garmin E-Trex GPS

    I am using Cycoactive's mounting kit for my E-trex. The remote battery pack is effective. Longer battery life ane helps reduce vibration problems. It is made somewhat cheaply, but works.
  2. kris_mobley

    magic button on the horizon

    I thought I had heard it here, however before posting the message I did a search, which uncovered nada. Not relying on my own ability to search effectively, I asked. Honestly though, I have read some info somewhere, can't recall. You are all very welcome for the wealth of information I have provided. I need to go now and re-register so I can chat in the future....
  3. kris_mobley

    magic button on the horizon

    I have heard spaeculation that their will be a kit available to install an electric starter on WR's without one. SUP?
  4. kris_mobley

    FMF Power Core 4 Q SA?

    I have just put a FMF Q series silencer on my "00 WR400. I bought the bike used, and it had a DSP pipe on it. The DSP was VERY impressive, however it was sick loud. I like to ride in woods/dual sport, and the FMF is nice and quiet. It does not have near the hit as the DSP, but it has plenty, and the roll on power is very strong. I like the"Q" very much. I have never ridden a WR w/stock pipe, so can't compare the two.
  5. kris_mobley

    hat's off to RC

    what a tremendous thing RC has done by winnning every moto. the guy deserves a ton of respect.
  6. kris_mobley

    GadZooks - FMF Jerseys

    I don't believe I would of told that.....
  7. Hopefully, everyone eventually realizes that they do make a difference when they vote. At some point the description of an outdoor enthusiast became he/she who dances with greenpeace. Not so. I personally do not limit my outdoor activity to riding. I suspect the same is true for 99% of the TT crowd. Damn the media! Not really. No, really.
  8. kris_mobley

    EA Sports commercial

    sarcasm,sincerity, it is all too fun to read. thanks. they are idiots for running such an obviously destructive ad....if you run over an endangered eastern rattlesnake on purpose, could get a gig on the tv commercial?
  9. kris_mobley

    wr426 tailpipe wanted

    yes I am. check private messages.
  10. kris_mobley

    WR side loses premier status?

    I have just started rding a '00 WR 400. Sunday was my first ride on the bike. I just came off a 250F. What do I think? I am impressed with the bike. The previous owner had done many mods, all of which I am not sure. I do know he went to much trouble to lighten and narrow things up. DSP pipe which is very, very, loud, is my biggest concern. When riding single track, I felt behind the bike(not just when I had fallen off). Other than that, the power is there, it feels a lot like a friend's yz 426, without the problems in slow, difficult terrian. I live in the SE of USA, dense, and tight woods. Love the roll on power. At this point my technical contribution is that it is 1down and 2up. I will advise if I find more. The 250f had 5 gears. Oh well...
  11. kris_mobley

    wr426 tailpipe wanted

    I have the DSP stainless steel model. It is obnoxiously loud. I will sell it. I just bought a "00 WR400, and it came on the bike.
  12. kris_mobley

    yz tank mileage

    How wide open is the riding in NM? I have been to Taos skiing about six times, and started migrating up to Wolf Creek and Purgatory, always flying into Albequrque. Beautiful country.
  13. kris_mobley

    yz tank mileage

    I will be trail riding primarily. However, the bike is street legal, and I will be on tne road. 45m.p.h. stuff. Thanks for the reply.
  14. kris_mobley

    yz tank mileage

    new owner of '00 WR400. bike has yz tank and seat. anybody know what kind of mileage with yz tank?
  15. I am currently riding a yz250f and I love it. But I am thinking about buying a Wr 426 to dual sport it. I currently ride trails and a motocross tracdk or two, which I don't want to give up. That being said, I am by no means competetive on a track. I would like to be able to get over a lazy, undemanding double or two, but no illusions of doing more in the air. Is the WR426 light enough and snappy etc. th have fun on a track? Does it perform well in the woods?