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  1. cyron

    Suzuki DR650S (1991)


    The best bike that you will ever own, that doesn't do anything well.
  2. cyron

    Suzuki DR650S 1991

    The best bike that you will ever own, that doesn't do anything well.
  3. cyron

    1991 DR650

    I paid $1200 for mine 10 years ago with a bunch of mods already done. (17" Excel Wheels, Gixxer Exhaust, carb, etc...) For all it's quirks I love the bike, and I'll never sell it. Now, if I were looking at it today I probably wouldn't buy it. The '96+ ones have a lot more after market parts available for it, they're quite a bit lighter, and smaller. Better for trails. Honestly the '91 doesn't do anything well... It's too big for trails, and to thumpy or uncomfortable for long trips. You're probably better off spending more money on a newer DR. If you buy the '91, you're going to love it!
  4. cyron

    Carb screws to tight.

    Love bringing up old threads that save people time and broken bits. Apparently we've all been using the wrong screw driver. You should be using a Japanese Industrial Standard screw driver... Lookup JIS screw drivers...
  5. Great Video! I'd get stuck in the mud and never get out.
  6. cyron

    DRZ125 Service Manual PDF

    How's the weather today? I'm still looking, but can't seem to find the weather.
  7. So, I was trying to find a local machine shop to bore out the sleeve on my DRZ engine. The best quote I got was $110-120 to do it. I saw powroll does it for $75. Is that my best bet or is there a better place to ship it out to? I'm near West Chester, PA. Thanks
  8. I iLuv headphones & my iPhone keep me entertained on my rides. It's low enough that I can hear j-walkers yelling when I run them over. Plus I can take a call if I need too. (Not that I would )
  9. cyron

    Any interest in a "riding game"?

    Hospitals have noise restrictions that my DR doesn't meet.
  10. cyron

    Any interest in a "riding game"?

    Did someone say Trains? My 91 DR & my buddies just restored 88 Gixxer750
  11. cyron

    carburator screws are all stripped

    +1 & I bought new bolts at ACE hardware.
  12. I didn't get it. Odd. How about email? swright at cyrondesign.com