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  1. Speedracer42

    Air filter/engine question

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I will leave it as is
  2. Speedracer42

    Air filter/engine question

    So I recently bought a super clean almost unused 2006. I had Tokyo mods do the carb, and I did the air box mod. When taking it apart I noticed that the air filter hoop has the big metal screen in it. My 2007 450 that I bought from Motorcycle Superstore after they built it didn't have that screen so I didn't even realize there was one in there stock. So what got me thinking about it is that my bike is just a bit fat off the bottom, and even with a +1 rear sprocket doesn't quite come off the low revs like I want it to. Im curious if there is any REAL benefit or REAL harm in removing that screen. Im sure it is fairly restrictive. Any thoughts on this??
  3. Speedracer42


    Thanks for the input B. That is about what I figured but I wasn't sure exactly what the possibilties were for being torn in that area.
  4. Speedracer42


    Today while exercising I was doing lunges with a weight ball and I overstepped on one and felt something pop in my thigh, and Im sure I felt something come apart. It burned more than was an acute type pain but it def hurt quite a bit. Right center of my thing probably a hand width down from my hip bone. So just below where my leg flexes. When I walk, especially if my stride isn't very short it hurts quite a bit. Any thoughts whatsoever on what this might be? And if it is something that can be just left alone?
  5. Speedracer42

    I'm trying to buy local....... really!

    Let me first say I have NO clue what the suggested retail price is for that stuff. And since you didn't mention where you bought the other oils from I can't presume they are a larger volume dealer. But I can make that assumption in comparison to online retailers. Someone said above me that if local business expect to keep him as a customer they better figure out a better way or something. Well thats just fookin retarded. If TT or some other online retailer buys $5 million in inventory from Parts Unlimited, they are on a far diff price matrix than Gresham KTM who buys probable under a quarter million. So they buy cheaper, and because they sell in much larger voume they can sell cheaper to maintain the margin that they need. All you guys you are price whores and who will buy online and wait 2 days to 2 weeks for parts to save a few bucks will be the same guys bitching when ALL of the local dealers are out of business and you have to go to Seattle to buy your new bike. Or take it BACK to Seattle for warranty work. Off my soap box now
  6. Speedracer42

    Houston Track Walk(Racer X)

    He is talking about rolling it. And yes he is def joking
  7. Speedracer42

    mountain view mx

    Most weekend practices are "private" Open to the public but you need to sign up in advance. They say they cap at 35, but because of no shows its more like 50. And is just open track, big bikes only. Its never crowded and you get crazy seat time. If its a public practice on the weeken, then just like Tuesdays its broken into all the different groups
  8. Speedracer42

    Houston Track Walk(Racer X)

    HAHHAHA!! That is excellent no doubt
  9. Speedracer42

    mountain view mx

    For me Tuesday isn't remotely worth it. Its a stretch on my budget to ride twice a week. And given one vs the other paying $10 more for open track all day compared to the crowd and broken groups on Tuesday is an easy sell for me
  10. Speedracer42

    mountain view mx

    I practically live there in the summer. Nearly every weekend
  11. Speedracer42

    Starvation Ridge 27 & 28 Mar 2010

    This is a guy that I road raced with. He went on to finish 4th in his class.
  12. Speedracer42

    WTH!!! is the AMA think'n?

    This clearly affects more than JUST Glen Helen, so there probably isn't as many conspiracy theories behind this as some of you are getting at. Washougal is also at risk, and there is NOTHING in the NW that could replace it. And that is a real bummer for fans up here.
  13. Speedracer42

    Rest in Peace, Jesse

    One of the am's Ive been watching. A life cut too short for sure. RIP little man
  14. Speedracer42


    So young and so talented. RIP little man
  15. Speedracer42

    World's Fastest Indian

    Def an excellent movie, aside from it being based on a true and amazing story