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  1. Chadahoochie02


    how can i tell if my bike has 04 or 05 radiators... anything i can measure etc. my bike is an 04 with 05 cdi and engine.. so thats why i ask thanks and 05 plastics etc
  2. Chadahoochie02

    whats the story with sdg seats?

    bought mine on ebay for 31+8 dollar shipping brand new in box, sitting in guys garage -chad i like it, the rear tail lip kind of sticks up... like curved
  3. Chadahoochie02

    green rims

    does anyone have agreen kx250f with red rims????? anyone????
  4. Chadahoochie02

    How do you polish up the ignition/clutch covers?

    anyone know what clor of paint matches the cases... from walmart or smoething