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  1. mrabe1979

    Yamaha WR250R (2012)


    Great dual sport bike.
  2. mrabe1979

    Yamaha WR250R 2012

    Great dual sport bike.
  3. mrabe1979

    Klotz 20w-50

    Any thoughts on running Klotz 20w-50 in a ttr 230? I just got an 2005 ttr230. I have 3 quarts of klotz 20w-50 and was wondering if it will be to thick for the 230. The bike has uni flow air filter, air box opened up, DRD exhaust system, and rejetted with a #38 pilot jet, at 4500 feet elevation
  4. mrabe1979

    Bang 4 Buck . which skidplate for TTR 250

    This is the best bang for your buck hands down. http://www.utahsportcycle.com/utahscFC.htm
  5. mrabe1979

    Trade-in value?

    Not enough too justify not selling it out right. less than $2000
  6. mrabe1979

    2005 crf230f value.

    Yea, good call maybe if I wave 20 Benjamin franklin's in front of his face he will bite.
  7. mrabe1979

    2005 crf230f value.

    Well I talked to the guy with the crf230 today. After a little negotiating on the phone he said he would let it go for $2200 cash. vs $1800 for the moded Yamaha. what do you guys think. I am leaning towards the Honda.
  8. mrabe1979

    2005 crf230f value.

    So in you "expert opinion" why is the crf "much MUCH" better than the ttr.
  9. mrabe1979

    2005 crf230f value.

    haha very sensitive at such a young age. But I appreciate your advice and was simply thought you were being sarcastic. My bad not looking to start a war here. have a good one.
  10. mrabe1979

    2005 crf230f value.

    Interesting everthing I have read has them about the same. Most say it comes down to what color or price you want. but then again you are 13 and probably know your stuff
  11. mrabe1979

    2005 crf230f value.

    Hey thanks for the replies. I found a 2005 tt-r230 with low miles and in good condition. It has DRD full exhaust system, renthal bars, uni filter, nice set of bark busters. brand new battery for $1800. I think I am gonna go for it. I know this is the crf forum but I thought I would let you all know how things are working out.
  12. mrabe1979

    DRD exhaust

    any thoughts on this exhaust system for the tt-r230 complete Dubach Racing Development pipe?
  13. mrabe1979

    2005 crf230f value.

    the bike is completely stock. thanks
  14. mrabe1979

    2005 crf230f value.

    Hey I am thinking about picking one of these up. There is one for sale locally for $2500. It is in excellent shape. runs good. anyways what do you guys think fair price or not. Thanks a lot for any thoughts.
  15. mrabe1979

    6th gear in XR400?

    You scored that for $1500 WOW. You lucky dog. I would have felt obligated to tell the guy it was worth more. But I wasn't there. maybe he could have been a millionaire and just wanted to give someone a good deal.