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  1. You have no idea what you are even talking about! I personally can't stand the rivot style links and refuse to use them. I am an expert level racer and race about 16 desert races a year including AMA Nationals. I also race the 2 day ISDE qualifier in Idaho City every year not to mention numerous motocross and trail riding trips. Never had a single masterlink failure, EVER!
  2. You should be able to find USFS approved spark arestor screen at any chain saw dealer.
  3. If I raced one offroad event a year it would be the Idaho City ISDE two day qualifier. Registration is online starting April 1st and sells out very fast. http://boiseridgeriders.org/ If I raced one moto-x race a year it would be the Mammoth MX. Registration is online starting May 1st and most classes sell out in minutes. You have to sign up on xtrm.com and be a member (it's free) in advance. http://www.mammothmotocross.com/
  4. mobius

    Registering bike with no title.

    You have taken a big risk buying that bike. It could very well end up having a lien against it. I hope everything works out for you.
  5. mobius

    Bar life

    I appreciate the input. I think I'll just pick me up a new pair of bars. I'm too dang old to be taking chances on an 80.00 pair of handle bars.
  6. When you buy brand new from the dealer they only have an MSO. They charge you tax and license and submit it to the state showing whoever the lien holder is so the title issued by the state is sent to the lender. The same would work with a private party. They would submit the MSO to the state when they license it and the title would go to the lien holder with their name on it. If you are in a state that doesn't issue a title for a dirt bike then the MSO should satisfy the lender.
  7. mobius

    Bar life

    No, this isn't a question about spending your spare time in the local bar scene. My question is, do bars have a usable life span before they might be unsafe or break? I have a pair of ProTaper Contour bars that have been on 5 different bikes now and probably are pushing 600-700 hours of hard riding and racing. I wanted to put them on my new 2010, but started to wonder if maybe it's time to get a fresh pair. What do you think?
  8. mobius

    Get rid of Erin Bates ASAP

    It's nice to know that there are still some people out there that still have some class and have respect for women. Of course the ones that have to talk about women like that probably are the ones that can't get a woman, and they probably can't get any ### either.
  9. mobius

    I need valentines ideas. Please help!

    You could alway`s just get drunk and screw!
  10. I don`t care if this is the final round and it is too late to enter. This 08 YZ is the best looking bike out of any of the ones to vote for. That thing is just SICK!
  11. mobius

    Any Lowboy Peg For 06 YZ450F

    SCIENCE is right about the foot peg mod. I have had two sets of Fastway pegs and wont buy them again. They are a pain to change the Allen screw gripper teeth when they wear down. Also I have broke the bolts for the canter adjustment on both pair. I always take the foot peg bracket off the bike and then counter sink the bottom bolt hole. I then reinstall the bracket with a tapered flat bolt that uses a Allen wrench. This makes for a clean install.
  12. mobius

    2006 YZ450F Chain Tension

    To find the perfect adjustment you should remove the shock and lift the rear wheel up and down through the complete travel. when you find the position that the chain is tightest adjust the proper amount of free play. Then reassemble the bike and check your slack. That would be the optimum adjustment for your chain. The only variance would be if you were riding in muddy conditions, then you would need to give the chain more slack.
  13. mobius

    Tall Seat for '06 YZ450

    I have had a tall seat on order from SDG for the 06 yz450 since last January. Now I have a new 07 and still no seat. At least you got to talk to someone, I have never been able to get away from their voice mail system. And they have never returned my calls.
  14. I think he is going to do NASCAR.
  15. mobius

    07 450 Owners

    I have had mine for 2+ weeks and have not even put gas in it yet. The way things are looking now I won`t get a chance till after the 15th, but it is starting to look good with all of the extras that I have been putting on it. I also just got my suspension back from Enzo on Monday. This time I got the sub tanks, they sure look cool.