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  1. Towlieee

    Frame issues on 16+ sxf's

    Ktm frames are around a grand, maybe more, been awhile since i bought one. You can look them up on munn racing. In order for it to be economically feasible you'd have to do the work yourself. Ktm may give you a frame to keep pictures off the forums, but their sure not going to pay labor to replace it. I'd just part it out unless you want another pos you can't trust. yeah swapping a frame yourself is definitely the way to go if you know what to do! I do all my own work, easy peezy really! Dirt bikes are super simple compared to sport bikes, but even sport bikes aren't too difficult after you do a couple!
  2. Towlieee

    Frame issues on 16+ sxf's

    Insurance companies total bikes out with a nick in any part of the frame due to the fact they go by the book price to replace it. I honestly don't know exactly how many hours billable a frame swap is on a mx bike or a sport bike. Or even how much a brand new frame is from the factory for a MX bike. I do a know a sport bike frame can run you damn near as much as a brand new complete bike, then add on top of that however many hours they bill for $120+/hr!
  3. Towlieee

    mount AGM battery sideways?

    Thanks all! Got it sitting about where I want it, after I get my wiring mocked up, going to build a metal bracket to secure the battery, and trim along the yellow line to remove a lot of my under tail
  4. Towlieee

    mount AGM battery sideways?

    thank you sir! I just wanted to verify, since I'm redoing my wires VERY specifically, and didn't wanna end up having to move my battery or buy a dif one! lol
  5. Towlieee

    mount AGM battery sideways?

    Reason I'm wanting to do this is to cut the part of the undertail out that you see in the subframe, and just have it open subframe. And I'm re-doing my entire wire harness, lost about 3/4 of the factory wiring, cleaning it up big time and removing stuff I don't need for this stunt bike, and adding stuff I want! pics of the harness when I first stared, and a pic of what I reduced it to! Will be adding some wires back
  6. Towlieee

    mount AGM battery sideways?

    Well most the label is gone on the battery. I "shook" the battery to make sure no liquid "Sloshed" around inside, I do believe its AGM, but not 100% sure. Oh yeah I almost forgot, after trickle charging it a couple months ago, it held 12.9v+ for days, before resting at 12.85 for weeks after removing the charger. So another reason I assume its AGM (higher voltage at rest) I'm wanting to cut part of my undertail out, where the battery usually goes, and mount it further back. Pictures showing my 2 possible mounting orientations, where the battery is sitting in the pics it would be like 2-3 inches towards the front of the bike, and also I'd trim the support in the undertail to have the battery sit down about 2 inches lower (aka go under that cross bar)
  7. Is it safe to mount a el-chepo AGM sealed battery sideways? I mean, I assume it would be fine, I feel like im asking a stupid question, just don't want to run into problems. It's a "etz10s" that came with my 2001 honda f4i 600. I'm redoing the entire wire harness on the bike as part of my build, and was wanting to relocate the battery further back in the tail, but would most likely have to mount it sideways.
  8. Towlieee

    Slime in tubes?

    I've never once had my 'ghetto' patches fail LOL I just cut up a old tube into small pieces, then use a piece of 80 grit sand paper to roughen it up, as well as roughen the tube up that I'm applying it to, slap some rubber cement on it and let it dry I run tubes tell the valve stem rips. I've had a tube with literally 8 patches in it, and I kept riding :)
  9. no clue about those bikes, if you were here, I'd help you tear into it! lol I learn by tearing bikes down and rebuilding, If I get stuck, I go to the manual or online haha I just happen to know a lot about 50's cause I've built a bunch of them, probably installed 6-8 big bore kits, and had the bottom end apart on a few
  10. Towlieee

    crf70 +88cc noisy

    it makes it a good deal louder compared to stock, but it's still very quiet with the stock exhaust.
  11. Towlieee

    Transmission oil turning white?

    My 1990 honda prelude Manual says it takes 10-30w motor oil I believe
  12. Towlieee

    Rim lock installed but tube still slid

    What kind of motor setup are you running that you are spinning the tire in the rim at 20psi?? I run around 20-25psi on the street, and I've never had a issue, even with my 108cc stroker setup, even when I drop it into gear, and ride as crazy as I can lol
  13. Just put the flywheel on and make sure the keyway is matched up with the key on the crank, then put the nut on and torque it down, and the nut will pull the flywheel onto the crank
  14. Towlieee

    CRF150F Stuck Throttle

    you likely put the slide back into the carb backwards.. It only goes in one way, there is a piece of metal that sticks out inside the carb, that slides into a groove on the slide. If all you did was put new bars in, and didn't touch the carb at first, chances are you have the cable set wrong in the throttle tube. I'd take the throttle tube apart first, and make sure its right inside the throttle tube... Then put the slide back in.
  15. On a serious note, if she plans on riding for a while, and you want to make the bike ride a lot better, you should get a rear shock for it. I'm not sure how good the 70's shock is, but the 50's one is absolute garbage, it's basically just a spring.. The 70's front forks aren't bad though for OEM, but if the 70's rear shock is bad as a 50, it makes the bike hard to ride and uncontrollable over rough terrain. All just depends on how long you plan to keep the bike, how good your daughter is, and what you want to do, just throwing some suggestions out