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  1. just broke his collare bone.the guy who it is has posted it in another thread on hear.
  2. not 2 shabby! anythin with thor on it has me sucked in. not sure bout the red tho.i would do away with the red stripe on the shrouds if it were me.like the style of the side plates. im tryin 2 put together a sticker kit 4 my 07 kx450f aswell.will have some pics of mine when it finally comes in!
  3. JAB77


    does any1 have any opinions on how the kx450 performs bush? is it alright or can she b abit of a handful? any problems with overheating or constant stalling?
  4. i have an 04 250x and i have 2 say im alittle disapointed. The electrics r crap! i have had nothing but problems and basicly rewired the whole thing. it doesnt have the punch i was after. i would advise getting the 250r.
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