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  1. Mtnman44

    How many amps can I draw?

    How well do these things even work? I can't imagine getting a lot of heat from such a small electrical system. You'd probably feel the engine heat more in your feet and legs? perhaps those air activated warmer packs would do better in your boots and gloves?
  2. I ordered Kenda K270 Rear and a Continental TKC80 Front. That Kenda sure looks nice for off road. I realize this is supposed to be a 50/50 street tire and that's why I chose it but those knobs it has are really deep and give it a very aggressive look for a road tire. Much larger and deeper than the photos make it out to be. It will probably be just fine for my intented type of off-roading. I got the 4.50 size but probably should have gotten the 5.10. We'll see how it goes. Now I embark on the Newbie adventure to get these things installed.
  3. Mtnman44

    Tubeless tires

    I also just bought this tire for my front. Does it need a tube also or how does that work? Same tire change procedure? What is the difference on a TL tire? Thanks.
  4. Mtnman44

    Need new key, can't find the code.

    Any decent locksmith, no sweat. I had two more copies made...cost me $8
  5. Mtnman44

    first lay down...on the street!

    My writst surgery recovery has really suprised my wife and probably the dr., as he warned me it would be very painful. I had a screw put through my scaffoid bone last wednesday. Since waking up from the anethesia, my wrist has been pain-free. I mean zero discomfort. I haven't even needed the powerful Vicoprohin that he prescribed me for pain. Of course, I've kept it in the splint and haven't been torquing it around, but for holding the handlebars and squeezing the clutch...easy as pie. I'm sure if I would have caught myself on the way down, my wrist would be sore.
  6. Mtnman44

    first lay down...on the street!

    Hmmm, it happended so fast I'm not sure. What does front tire tucked mean exactly. Also, I'm pretty sure I was looking over my left shoulder at the time (while making a left U turn). Can't remember for sure but I likely was choppy on the throttle, feathering the clutch as I made the low speed turn. Also, what does high ended mean exactly? Thanks. Signing up for the MSF rider course today. I nver have felt very proficient on turns yet.
  7. Mtnman44

    It finally happened!!

    I had a dream last night that two cops in plain clothes pulled me over and ordered me off the bike. While one was giving me grief for something, I realized the other was off joyriding on my machine! ha ha.
  8. Well, I'm not sure how much of this I can blame on the deathwings and how much on newbie riding skills (or lack thereof), but my bike hit the street tonight. I made a slow left turn at a regular paved intersection. After completing the left turn I started to make a U turn so I could go back the way I had come. Aparently, there was a good amount of gravel and dirt on this section of the road (and it was night time), I was on the ground before I knew anything was wrong! Luckily I was going pretty slow so basically the bike just went on its side and I fell straight down onto the pavement. Obviously I must have made too sharp of a u turn combined with gravel and maybe bad tires too? I was more embarassed than injured. I had a very hard time getting the bike up, I think a foot peg was stuck in the asphalt or something. A passerby helped me lift it up (This was especially helpful as I can't use one of my hands very well right now. It's in a splint since I just had wrist surgery last week....long story). Luckily my hand/wrist never hit the ground. At first I couldn't get it to start, although it was cranking fine. I figured it was some kind of fuel problem so I switched it over to "prime" and it started right up. I went home and first inspected the damage. The tool kit box was a little scuffed, nothing bad. Left footpeg appeared like it took a little scraping but no apparent damage. Left handlebar weight definately got scraped up on the end. The clutch lever appears to function normally but it has some up and down play, about 1/2 inch either way. (perpendicular direction from the direction when you pull it). Not sure what to do about that or to make sure it is working good? There is no other sign of damage or any scraping. I feel basically lucky that it is not worse. That goodness I was not going very fast! So after dealing with the priority of bike damage, I went in the house and checked myself in the mirror. I had a huge, bloody gash on my elbow which took some time to clean out and treat plus a couple less severe scrapes on my knees and calf. Ouch. I guess that's a good lesson to everyone out there, especially the newbies - wear proper attire. I had shorts on...duh. A decent jacket and pants and I would be pretty much injury free. As it is, with my wrist sling, elbow, knee, and leg bandages, I'm laying here looking like I fell of a cliff! ha ha. So what does everyone think? Will my new tires help me out better in situations like this? I have Kenda 270 rear and Conti TKC 80 front on the way. Have fun and be careful out there!
  9. Mtnman44

    Changing tires

    Anyone use one of these? They are $400. Doesn't really save you money overall but probably a lot of time and trouble vs. having to take your wheels to the shop all the time.... http://www.wikco.com/MC110.html
  10. Mtnman44

    Changing tires

    I found a local motorcycle shop that will put them on for $15 each if you bring in the wheels off the bike. Seems worth it to me. For another $8, they will do a balance but they said with my bike there was no reason as off road riding throws off the weights anyway. Are they correct? Do most people balance their DRZ400 wheels or not?
  11. Mtnman44

    Where can I get...

    Try googling this: "drz400s service manual xmission" You should find a site with free downloadable PDFs. Personally I just don't understand why they make these manuals hard to find or why they even care about copies...
  12. Mtnman44

    4,500 feet - need air?

    Ok, just got back from my first test ride after cutting the airbox hole. You all can tell me how much of this might be from the larger hole and how much might be all in my mind. First, I noticed that the bike seemed to start right up when I hit the switch, no throttle needed at all. Normally, I have to give it some gas for a second, especially if it's been sitting for a while, like today. Second, the sound "seems" different. I want to say it sounds smoother and deeper. Not Harley deep of course, just dirt bike deep. It also seems more consistent and smooth sounding-more of a constant buzz vs. berfore which was more of a thump thump thump sound. not really, but thats the best way I can think to describe it. i hope I am making some sense. Third, I did not really notice any more "get up and go" power or speed. It seemed about the same as before, only smoother sounding as described. Fourth, when I really hit the throttle, revs sounded higher than before yet when cruising the revs seemed lower than before....?
  13. Mtnman44

    a little help/advice needed

    cool, thanks! The hole is cut and I'm taking it for a ride tonight. It's closer to 2x3 right now since I'm not ready to re-jet. I just wanted to try compensating for the high altitude. I'd love to notice some kind of improvement in throttle response or power, or anything. What an easy mod! I just filled the tank last night, so this is perfect timing to see how long I go until I hit the reserve. Last time it was exactly 100 miles. I wonder if it will have any effect.
  14. Mtnman44

    smog cannister - perf issues?

    I have just realized that my 'new to me' green '03 has what I have learned is a california smog cannister system. I'm wondering, does this system adversely affect either MPG or power? Trying to decide what I have to gain by removing it. Thanks.
  15. Mtnman44

    a little help/advice needed

    So, just to clarify, do all the modded drz400s out there still have that clylindrical canister under the rear fender(behind the battery)?