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  1. trailblazer87

    Important Message Conserning Lifan Motorcycles

    Fine, I'll buy the original.... TO The HONDA DEALER!
  2. trailblazer87

    Describe your Sex Life using a term from the DRZ!

    Opened up the airbox, re-jetted the carb, and I can still hear the piston slap:thumbsup:
  3. trailblazer87

    Crazy V-Twin mod to the DRZ400SM

    I think this is one of those "cause I can", "because it was/ wasn't there", "because nobodies done it before", thoughts. I applaud the imagination it would take. As for input, why limit yourself to the 650? The 1000 isn't much bigger. A lot heavier, mostly from the cooling system, though. You would have to go to a 550 chain, the 540 on the DRZ wouldn't hold up. Heavier springs too. Probably want a bigger tank while your at it. According to Suzuki, the DL 650 makes 67 hp, and 44 ft/lbs of torque at 6400 rpm. A comparable power band. Just BIGGER! The SV has 70hp and 45 lbs of torque at 7500 rpm. A little different curve but manageable. Of course the best part of this whole idea is FUEL INJECTION!!!
  4. trailblazer87

    DRZ400S starting

    They won't fire up with the throttle on at all. Try the half choke setting. Its gotta be FREAKING cold to need full choke on these bikes. Sounds like your carb is out of adjustment.... Oh wait, they all are from the factory. They don't like high altitude out of the box either. The white throttle stop adjustment screw is a band aid, don't use it, it makes them harder to start. These bikes come from the factory in a very lean state, time for a re-jet.
  5. trailblazer87

    Close encounters of the furry kind

    Do pigeons attempting a cranial interface with me count? *stupid birds* The occasional coyote. I was sprayed by a skunk by proxy one time:eek: I was following a pickup down the road who hit a skunk right in front of me. I turned right around and went home, threw out my clothes, took a very long, very hot, shower using laundry detergent and dish soap, then a full body scrub of peroxide and finally a lemon juice rub:crazy: I really wanted the smell off. Then I went a washed, rewashed and washed the bike again. Finally just took the damn thing apart and soaked the plastics in diesel, this works by the way:prof: The scent was faintly discernible for a couple of days:foul:
  6. trailblazer87

    What really anoys me about my DRZ400..

    A softer seat so I don't have to start Iron Butt threads:p
  7. trailblazer87

    Any Iron Butts out there?

    That sounds like an awesome ride man, what did you do it on?
  8. trailblazer87

    Any Iron Butts out there?

    Adam: It took about 13 hours of actual ride time. I made several real stops, turned into about 16. Dual Dog: I hear that on the dirt, my best on the dirt is about 100. All I can say is NEVER AGAIN!!! I met up with some friends and we loaded the bike in their truck and drove it back that way, making better time too. As for numb butt, it already is, I had a vein burst inside my spine and left me numb from the ribs down, on the left half of my body. Makes for strange riding techniques sometimes, and a lot of falling, good thing I can only feel a little of it:thumbsup: My next bike will most likely be something more distance friendly.
  9. trailblazer87

    Any Iron Butts out there?

    I only own the DRZ S. Stock seat too:thumbsdn: I had a milk crate strapped to the back with a couple of gallons of gas in it plus my luggage. It was a pretty cool trip though. Next time I won't go alone. A guy on a BMW saved my butt, I ran dry 10 miles shy of the next gas station:crazy: He hauled me into Wells NV and back to the bike. I guess I shoulda got gas in Elko.
  10. trailblazer87

    Any Iron Butts out there?

    I am just asking what is the farthest any of you have done in a single day. My current record is 752 miles. Fresno, CA to Twin Falls, Idaho. All I can say is take extra gas when crossing Nevada:banghead:
  11. trailblazer87

    Dualsport for Hubby????

    If he is doing a lot of pavement time go with the DRZ. If it is 90% dirt then the Husky or KTM is the way to go. I have the DRZ and keep up with the WR's nicely. Mostly desert and hills, nothing too tight.
  12. trailblazer87

    Biggest tank available for S

    Man! That 11.35 gallon tank looks like it came off a Goldwing:crazy: , I could go like 500 miles between fillups:applause: Sounds goos for when I ride across Nevada! I just don't think my butt could handle sitting on my 'Z for that long
  13. trailblazer87

    --!!! RULES! What RULES?????

    It all depends on where you are riding, on organized areas like SVRA'S you "are supposed" to have a green sticker if you want a naked dual sport. I have yet to be hassled. I ride in the mostly non-patrolled areas like Miami Creek and out in the desert. Getting the green sticker is about as easy as it gets though. I have one on my chevy blazer, it is my off-road only toy, I trailer it everywhere, the green sticker is so I don't get hassled by the chippies during transport. Your bike already meets the emissions requirements for a green sticker, so it is just a matter of getting into the DMV and showing the proper paperwork. Side note: If you do get an OHV registration on a previously street legal automobile, don't plan on making it street registered for 7 years, I am going through this now. Its the only way to do it is by using a salvage title and waiting for it to disappear from the computers, 7 years seems to be the magic number:thumbsdn: There are other ways and I am researching them now, but it is a HUGE mess. As for breakables Keithco, you should see my mirrors after a couple of good jumps!
  14. trailblazer87

    Lube chain or not?

    I've got 8500 miles on the factory chain and I just use the spray on chain lube. 30/70 dirt/ street. I just spray it on before each extended ride, and after I wash the bike. I wash with simple green (best cleaner invented:worthy: ) and then let the bike dry and spray the lube on.
  15. trailblazer87

    What are the Jobs of us fellow DRZ owners?

    My job title is Senior Special Inspector. I pretty much watch people build stuff and tell them when the f**k up.