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    Newbie with at TTR 90 questions

    thanks, ttr-125l -- I'll pull the bowl tonite and reset the idle... tr4boy
  2. tr4boy

    Newbie with at TTR 90 questions

    Hi, tr4boy here... First post! Just getting back into trail riding with my sons. My youngest has a 04 TTR 90 that we bought used. It had been sitting unused for about 6 months before we bought it. It seems to be idling fast and it keeps pushing fuel out the overflow. Is there any reason that those two symptoms might be related? Any ideas on how I should go about fixing it? I'm wondering if the six month vacation is causing the float to stick... Secondly, anything to watch out for on these bikes? So far it seems to be a pretty slick little machine (except for the problems noted above. I saw the ttr90 mod sticky...any other good advice on modification / repair information sources? Also, any advice on where to get discount Yamaha factory parts? I expect we'll see a few crashes over the next couple of months? Thanks in advance! Looks to be a great site! tr4boy