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  1. I put a Trailtech universal fan on my e without difficulty
  2. Cogent got back to me. They recommend oem boots over seal savers.
  3. Ive been doing some research on this since I asked the question. It seems boots and seal savers prevent leaks and cause them just as frequently. I've just sent an email to Cogent Dynamics to get their take on this.
  4. Is there a better option than the oem boots to keep dirt out of the fork seals on my e?
  5. Noone?
  6. I'm thinking of having them redo my drz 400 suspension for fast woods riding. I've used them to redo my Bonneville forks and love their customer service. The dr650 and klr guys love them too. I've not seen anyone online that races off-road mention them or anything. Anyone here use them before?
  7. I see there are some compression ratio choices out there. I know that with a larger bore, detonation usually is more likely because the flame front has to travel farther allowing more time for pressure rise and detonation. Do I stick with the stock CR or go down, or should I go up?
  8. I keep not finding these E cams for any less than $300 or more :/ If I found them Id just go ahead and do them.
  9. I was thinking the same thing with the BB kit but wanted a few untainted opinions before I got overly complex with the post. I ride offroad and was thinking more power everywhere is better than peaky power. I wasnt sure if the S cams choked the BB kit down so bad that I had to do cams first though. So that said, what is the most reliable BB kit on the market these days, do any of them have plated cylinders? I want a simple bolt on kit that is reliable. I have read 434 kits are about as big as you can go with these things in mind for resonable cost because of the headgasket issues??
  10. I would echo all of the above comments about the RTEC kit. If you have concerns about the heat shield, autozone sells sheets of adhesive heat shields that I applied to the inside of the rear panel, and the bottom of my tank.
  11. Turns out my 2000E I bought has an 06 S motor in it. I was new to DRZs then so I only knew to look for the FCR. Current mods are the 3x3(E airbox) MRD Procomp FCR with JD jet kit Should I do E cams or a big bore kit next? Why? I plan on doing a timing chain and clutch in conjunction with either.
  12. I've had no problems with JD's instructions. The pilot jet requirements are based on your fuel screw tuning results. This can vary from bike to bike. Of course you need to be sure the main jet you selected is correct. Do you know how to tune the fuel screw?
  13. An hour of your time
  14. My procomp isn't any louder than my powercore was. If the q4/powerbomb was the same price I'd have gone that route. I'd trade right now for one in fact