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  1. XXXR

    CRF150R vs CRF150F Fender

    SWEET! That's what I was hoping for. Thanks guys!
  2. XXXR

    CRF150R vs CRF150F Fender

    Guys - wondering if someone might measure your front fender for me. Trying to get CRF150R front in white for my CRF 150F. They are HALF the cost of the Maier. THANKS!
  3. XXXR

    150F white plastics

    Where are you getting the plastic? Maier? Wondering if someone might measure your CRF150R front fender against the CRF 150F. Figure they are wider, but might work. I've even be stoked if they were a bit shorter, as the stocker looks a little long for me. BTW - the UFO white for the R are HALF the cost of the Maier F in white. THANKS!
  4. XXXR

    crf150 oil filter?

    I used Mobile 1 on my TTR and Laverda... but didn't think about the clutch /tranny issues. 15/50 and 10/40 ranges... humm. I run 15/50 Syn in my KTM. Any issues running synthetic for the guys using it?
  5. XXXR

    crf150 oil filter?

    What oil you guys running on the CRF 150F? Mobile 1? Rock? What weight? It's time for her first oil change since I've owned her. Thanks!
  6. XXXR

    Which Maxxis Tires?

    Read / heard they have issues hooking up, but never tried them. (Non-Desert IT's) The little bike is looking for new meat. As for the Silver Beast, she may be wearing a trials rear this season. Not sure yet.
  7. Keep hearing how you guys dig the Maxxis... I run Maxxis on my KTM... Desert IT. Regular IT is supposed to suk. Which Maxxis are you running on the CRF150F?
  8. XXXR

    plastic on 150/230

    Much thanks... just wasted about 15 minutes searching. You answer is well appreciated. Update: Their site got "fancy" with Flash and sux, (search does not work, reloads that lame movie at the top) but nice offering of plastics and colors for our bikes. Take a look: CRF150F Plastic (Maier) (search has now decided to function!) Hopy crap... $58 bucks for a front... 55 for a rear. My KTM plastic is CHEAPER than this. Guess it pays to be the only one on the block selling plastic for our bikes.
  9. XXXR

    plastic on 150/230

    So where do we get plastics then? I notice the same thing UFO, Acerbis show for the R model only. I know someone makes em as I've seen plenty of CRF150F's with white running. eh.. I'll "search" lol
  10. XXXR

    Handguards not fitting bars

    I cut my set of Evo's about 30, and have no issues, though I use Moose guards. Anything wrong with cutting the screw if in fact it's "bottoming out"? (little grinding to the end of the screw after the cutting to clean up the thread would be suggested) Do you mean it's hitting the bent portion of the bar now?
  11. XXXR

    List handlebar widths...please

    Very handy - http://www.rockymountainatv.com/handlebarinfo.do
  12. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=5553687#post5553687 And then call the TT Goddess for the order.
  13. XXXR

    List handlebar widths...please

    Leave around 7 inches of "true bar" on each side, otherwise you'll face difficulties in placing all the levers and such. More narrow = tighter woods riding Wider = more leverage for open riding But is really is personal preference as stated above.
  14. XXXR

    risers for my se pro tapers

  15. I meant TRIPLE the power. (I was previously being a smart arse)