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  1. Irregular Pulse

    dr650 water roost

    ^^^ Just what I was thinking. I like how the one guys goggles clipped to his helmet instead of going around. That would be awesome to be able to unclip one side
  2. Irregular Pulse

    And I thought I loved the track!

    Thats the stuff those track guys just don't understand. Riding and just absorbing it all in.
  3. Irregular Pulse

    Odd issue, knees hitting shroud

    I bought those Force Knee Braces as mentioned above. Put them on for the first time and was soo stiff I could swing my leg over the bike. So I never wore them I just carry them in my gear bag for no reason I guess. Any tips on loosening them up?
  4. Irregular Pulse

    need a little advise on 2 strokes vs. 4

    I don't know what the above poster who mentioned the 250F being a "very high maintenance" bike was talking about. I have a 2002 YZ250F. I change the oil (not as often as needed on a 2 stroke), clean the airfilter, grease chain and wash it after riding. This past winter I greased swingarm nd linkage bearings, but those re on the 2 strokes as well. I have not noticed any ridiculous maintenance. I prefer the 4 stroke for the trails because I've grown accustomed to the engine braking and you can loaf them more than a 2 stroke without worrying about fouling plugs.
  5. Irregular Pulse

    New Jardine RT-5 on my crf450r

    I makes your seat look funnY!
  6. Irregular Pulse

    The new trailer and my bike

    Thats a great point! Why does everyone blur their license plates? You don't tape over them while driving down the highway where everyone can see them
  7. Irregular Pulse

    Yz250F with Krylon

    Looks like a garage to me
  8. Need to replace that. What temperature does it need to withstand ONly found one type at the automotvie store. So what temp range does it need to be safe for?
  9. Irregular Pulse

    Worst Scooter Stunt Ever

    for the millionth time its been posted.
  10. Irregular Pulse

    *Clutch Problems..I Need Some IDEAS*

    Just an update on me...Got it going last night. No pull or anything when sitting in gear with Clutch pulled. After riding round the block a few times (don't give me crap for riding on roads) I was able to roll it just fine with clutch pulled in while in gear. it must have just been sticky from storing. Might help someone else or ease their concerns if they're in similar situation.
  11. Irregular Pulse

    *Clutch Problems..I Need Some IDEAS*

    Is it considered a little normal to not be able to roll the bike in gear with the clutch pulled in? I ask because I am having a similar problem. No issues last season. Tore down for winter (just for bearings and what not). Put in a new clutch cable. Now it was hard to to move back tire with clutch pulled in in gear. had some guys stop over the house yesterday at lunch to have a look. Clutch was operating like it should, fully disengaging with lever pulled and once we really pushed we were able to roll it, all-be-it hard to roll. This has not been run this season yet (having a kid in a couple months, getting house ready, low priority). I'm thinking it's just from sitting and will loosen up once I get the chance to run it up/down the street. Is this sound correct? This is my first Post-winter with this bike.
  12. Irregular Pulse

    Tramp-bike heaven

    Where is this heaven!?!?
  13. Irregular Pulse

    02' & 03' Plastics/Exhaust

    with a little fab you can make stuff work. Depends on your DIY level. I have an 07 exhaust on my '02 thanx to a handy friend.
  14. Irregular Pulse

    Bike won't move with clutch in

    This does not sound normal to me. Why shouldn't pulling the clutch in while in gear allow you to roll freely?? Hot or cold...?
  15. Irregular Pulse

    yzf clutch settings

    Second this. I just bought a new cable and now can't get it to disengage. Never adjusted a clutch before and the service manual is no help.