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  1. karlow

    Have I been had? XR250

    The last two RX's that I bought had paddles on them. The tire on the 250 is like new. The one that was on my 400 had been ridden on something other than sand. the 400 is in great shape! I have never pulled the oil cap while it was running. Thanks for the help guys.
  2. karlow

    Have I been had? XR250

    I picked up a XR250 a few weeks ago. The story was it was the guys fathers bike 1992. It looked ok, the plastic was good, seat good. I noted it was warm, it fired right up. The ideal was a bit sketchey. It seemed like it had a vacumn leak. OK The story was fresh oil, shock seals brakes.. The suspention was makeing a strange noise. It had a paddle on it. The oil was black. The claim was only one ride on it! A clacking sound, but the chain was OK lots of adjustment left. The reality days later: The brakes are good, but not new (rust). I replaced the tires, the rear rim is slightly bent. I replace the oil, and filter. I painted some of the black parts. I need to replace the shock boots they are MIA I went through the carb, & fuel tank. Today, I fired up the bike and ran it around the yard a bit. It's a smal yard and it easlier to get around it than on the 400! Here is the the issue, I went to check the oil when it was running, I got masive amounts of blow-by! Is this normal? Everything looks OK but, if you pull the plug bit blow oil all over the place! Did I pickup a bike that needs a rig job! That would suck! It runs good, idles OK What do you think?
  3. karlow

    I just picked up a 1992 XR250

    I have made a litte progress. I cleaned the carb and adjusted the valves. I replaced the front tire, but the tube did not survive, crap. I ordered a chain slider, oil filter and orings for the petcock. I need a rear tire, fork boots, and a new tube for ther front tire. I also need a wrench that fits the spake plug. It might be ready to ride in a couple of weeks.
  4. karlow

    I just picked up a 1992 XR250

    Thanks one problem down! New question, what is the valve clearnce setting? I assume the procedure is the same as the XR400. Next, I need to order a chain slider, rear tire, fork boots, and that anti splash thing that goes over the main jet. That a as bit of white paint and she should be as good as rain! It's pretty clean, but not as clean as my 400! KP
  5. It ran OK, but the idle is a bit sketchy. I went thru the carb today, well almost. What is the proper float setting? I have a manual for my 97 XR400, but not the 250. The 400 is 0.57", Help. Also I need a rear tire, what do you reconmend? This is So Cal, everything we ride on is hard pack. Saddle up boyz, you got to ride while the temp is nice!
  6. karlow

    A California question

    I picked up an Xr250L a few years back. I do not ride it much so here is my question. Will the DMV let you change it over to a green sticker bike? Reg. is about $75 plus insurance will run at least another $60. That's a lot of extra money for a bike that just sits. What's the story? I also need to convert it to none battery, and get a decent rear shock. Thanks
  7. karlow

    XR250L rear shock question

    Sounds good, now all I need is a decent shock to start with to replace the POS steel Xl600 shock that came on it.
  8. karlow

    XR250L rear shock question

    Does the Xr250, & the XR250L share the same shock during those years?
  9. I have a 92 XR250L. It came with a savaged shock from a 86 650XL on it. The shock is steel and has no rebound damping left! I need another shock. Which ones fit? I picked up a nice XR250 schock from a 1996 bike but it is just like an XR400 shock. It will not fit the resovior crashes into the frame. The shock I need has to have the remote mounted resovior. What fits my bike? XR350?, early XR250? what year XR250L shock fits? It's time to get this thing ready for some dirt. KP
  10. karlow

    The $1500 dual sport

    KLR? Pass, I had a KLR 600 a while back, it was scary on the freeway and on the dirt! It's too top heavy and twitchy. It seemed like a good idea. I picked up a 95 XR250L for $1200. It's an OK dirt ride. it needs a shock and some power. My other rides are a 97 XR400, an 82 XR500, and a 83 VFR700R. I had a 94 GSXR750 as well. What you really want is a XR400 that is street legal. I would love to have one too! Happy hunting. KP:ride:
  11. Yep, and what dose a dual bike carrier weigh in at? Twice as much as one person can manage I bet!
  12. karlow

    So. Cal Rider Hook Up Post Ur City....

    Duarte, AKA East of East LA in the SGV. Old, and slow, but at least I show up and ride! Let me know, I have no one to ride with. Some how, they all got too old and fat! I have only rode in Gormen for the last few years, but I'm open. Let's go, most any Sunday. I ride trails, I hate hills!
  13. karlow

    S10, & hitch hauler

    Up-date my mileage for commuting to work and the run to Gormen was 20.12 mpg. My other slips are 18.95, 19.4, 19.41, & 18.23 "street" mpg. This is with the 4.3 auto, with shell extendo cab. most of that is combo commutor mileage What did the bag kit cost? I can pick up overload springs for 800lbs for about $80 with shipping. It looks like it will take less then an hour to install.
  14. That's the one I have see my post below. KP
  15. karlow

    S10, & hitch hauler

    That sounds good, was it a complete leaf, or half leaf?