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  1. I run the Ryco brand from Rocky Mountain. Very easy plug and play with all factory type connectors.
  2. Rocky Mountain is a little cheaper. Seem to be good producst though.
  3. Pro X are made by borg warner which is who makes OEM cranks for all the jap brands!
  4. I have run both brands, and a couple of different styles from GPR. They both work great. I prefer the GPR for a couple reasons. One, they offer a way better and cheaper rebuild or fix if you need it. Also they have different styles to fit your need. The new V4 under bar style is perfect if you want a little lift or taller bars. The V2 works great for really tall people and they still offer the V1 that works as good as any. I currently have a scotts on the bike I am riding now and it seems to work good, but I haven't had to rebuild it or buy any new parts yet. And yes, it does make a huge difference to ride with one, take it off and ride without one. These things have saved my bacon several times over the years.
  5. TWR175

    A.R.C. MX240V boots

    You won't regret buying the MX240. I have always worn SIDI or ARC. Both very comfortable out of the box, no break in needed. I have both the MX220 and MX240. I like the sole on the 240 better. Just my $.02.
  6. I have worn several pairs of SIDI. Always a perfect comfortable fit. A-stars are over priced pieces of junk. They will fall apart. I have seen it many times. Also, Garne does not even use real leather on their boots. Cross Fires have more replaceable parts, but will out last any of them regardless.
  7. TWR175

    Bulk Oil Filters??

    Try offroadcloseouts.com. They always have cheap items in bulk it seems.
  8. TWR175

    dual exhaust for a crf 450??

    +1 on that one.
  9. TWR175

    Chain recommendations

    I have always run Primary Drive with great success. Hard to beat for the price. I am currently running a Renthal R3 O-Ring. It has been great so far. I have always been sceptical about Renthal but this chain seems to be proving me wrong.
  10. TWR175


    Best tube you can buy. http://www.rockymountainatv.com/productDetail.do?navType=type&navTitle=Tires+and+Wheels&webTypeId=144&webCatId=8&prodFamilyId=311
  11. I don't beleive you! Who is your local dealer???
  12. TWR175

    Fork Oil Change?

    Try these http://offroadvideos.magnify.net/video/Change-motorcycle-fork-seals-3 http://offroadvideos.magnify.net/video/Change-motorcycle-fork-seals-2
  13. ODI would work perfect for what you are talking about. Just leave the end cap off.