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  1. Racer24

    Bike throwing black smoke?

    Like Everyone else has said black smoke is an indication or rich fuel mixture; white would be lean and blue means you are burning oil...If you have not touched any of the jetting than your bike should be running a little more lean due to the colder temps...I suggest taking the carb out and making sure the float valve assembly is within spec..from there you can clean out the pilot, the main circuit, as well as inpecting the jet needle and needle jet (the one that the main jet sits on) hope this helps...
  2. Racer24

    Crankshaft question

    If you have the head and cylinder off you can inspect the play of the crank rod. I suggest getting some type of manual that will list the service limits..you can also try turning over the crank by moving the rod through its stroke to get a feel of how the crank bearings feel; but you most likely wont be able to tell unless the cases are split...With 130 hours it would be a good idea to prepare yourself for a new bottom end in the near future..Depending on how the bike was ridden and maintained the bottom end can last anywhere from 50 hrs-200+ hours...I usually like to start thinking about the bottom end when im close to doing the top end for the second time...The top end gets rebuilt usually around 50 hours. The head usually gets inspected after valve adjustments, I'll usually do a leak down test to get an idea of how well the valves are seated into the head.... hope this helps
  3. Racer24

    2011 kx250f wont idle normal

    Do you know how many hours are on the bike? and if and how many times valves have been adjusted...the symptoms you describe sound like tight valves causing a hanging idle..does the problem go away once the bike is hot?
  4. Racer24


    rm85...2013 shrouds fit onto the 09 no problem? considering doing that to my 2010 converting the plastics to 2013..
  5. Racer24

    Kx250f problem HELP

    if pressure is building up in the radiator that will usually be a result of a bad head gasket..
  6. Racer24

    Kxf won't start after full rebuild?

    I assuming you have checked the timing? So you installed all new valve parts and recut seats as well as top end...have you tried testing the compression or doing a leak down test to make sure there's a nice seal...the bike should still fire even if its sealing less than 90 % of the charge.. You claim the bike gets spark..try holding the plug about 10 mm from any metal surface such as a bolt..kick the bike over..there should be a bright blue spark Next is testing to see if theres enough vacuum into the cylinder..try kicking the bike over with the ignition cap off the plug..then inspect the plug to see if its somewhat wet.. you can then try looking into the carb. if not clogged jets or sticking slide, could be a float bowl issue.. As air flows through the carb bore a pressure drop is realized and the fuel in float bowl is ‘pressurized’ as the pressure between the float bowl and the carb bore try to equalize. By altering the volume of fuel in the float bowl you’re basically varying the fuel pressure that is acting on your jets. More fuel in the float bowl will create more fuel pressure and result in rich(er) running conditions for a given set of jets. Also check to make sure you have no air leaks..after rebuilding an 07 I got it running but would idle super load and would only mellow down if the choke was out...i then realized that air was leaking into the air box through the air boot..
  7. Racer24

    08 kx250f blown up.

    Where in NY are you from? Im currently working on an 07 that i picked up for cheap..it too was not running but it was turning over. Before doing anything i removed every orifice..drain plug, timing plugs, and rad cap and would kick the bike..i noticed air would come out of the rad cap and some out of the oil drain plug..i compared it to my 10 and realized that the head gasket was bad and the bike needed new rings..when i drained the oil i saw the coolant had sank to the bottom of the case.. I then split the cases to replace a cracked stator side crankcase, installed new bearings, removed the valves and cleaned the seats, the carb, boot, filters..now the bike starts first kick You mentioned it does not turn over, can you turn the engine over by using a socket and turning the crank from the stator side?what do you mean about the gasket sticking out..like it overlaps? im sure it is not the cause, but replacing gaskets while you do an overhaul is highly recommended.
  8. Racer24

    08 kx250f blown up.

    ..first get a service manual..i purchased an 07 to restore and found an 06 service manual online.. you should inspect the oil. check for shavings. from there, with the proper tools start tearing it open..open the head and check the clearance and timing, remove the cams and inspect the journals they sit on and the buckets for any discoloration or marks usually due to an overheating bike... You mentioned it does not turn over...is this by the kick starter? if so try spinning the crank on the flywheel side going counterclockwise...Also try to get the bike in neutral on a stand and see if you can rotate the rear tire back and forth easily this should single out any possible transmission problems...you can also try shifting just to make sure the shift drum and or forks are not worn, bent, or seized (it helps with the right side clutch cover off so you can see the shifter mechanism work) from there just try to pin point where it locked up... Valve seizure Valve lifter seizure Cylinder, piston seizure Crankshaft seizure Connecting rod small end, big end seizure Transmission gear or bearing seizure Camshaft seizure Kick shaft return spring broken Kick ratchet gear not engaging
  9. Racer24

    Air leak kx250f

    1. Plug is wet not too bad but definitely not dry. 2.yes I have there is a decent amount of suction 3.in the serrvce manual it shows two bearings but only one seal in thr primRy gear side.. Also I noticed some air coming through the oil filler capp..couod be rings..but I checked and they are all gapped correctly.. Will be doin thr leak down test tuesday when I get the parts..I also tried bump starting it still no luck
  10. Racer24

    Air leak kx250f

    ok so im having similar issues as MOTODAD with his 07 kx250f..i bought a non working 250f that had a blown gasket and leaked coolant into the cases....checked the crank bearings and seal, water pump seal, replaced gaskets. Crank has no up and down play within spec for side to side play..crank spins freely in the bearings. Removed the valves and changed the oil seals and also removed the carbon build up on the seats. valves are in spec and lined up correctly..wire harness shows good flow and resistance. I have also cleaned the carb, the jets, the float bowl and valve...did a liquid test and only one exhaust valve leaks a few drops an hr..have not performed a leak down test.but will construct a DIY leak down tester.....Bike has spark, has fuel, and good amount of compression...we will see after the leak down..but I can not get the thing to fire...not even a back fire..A leak down test will help me see the overall seal of the engine.. Im leaning towards a compression leak..i ruled out the gaskets cause as i kick the starter over no air seems to come out of the rad. cap..However upon opening up some passage ways to try to hear for air leaks..i noticed air coming out of the ignition cover through the timing plugs..now IDK if it's model specific, but according to the service manual there is no oil seal next to the crank bearing on the flywheel side..I have tried searching for air leaks on the flywheel side and all i get is bad crank seal and or bearing... I took of the cover of my 2010 250f and also get some air passing though the timing plugs..but that bike runs like a champ... Can anyone please tell me if this is normal for a kx250f..? maybe if someone with a strong running bike can just take their timing plugs out and kick over the bike to see if air comes out..im trying to rule out possible air leaks..Im pretty set on getting a new valve train and sending the head to get the 3 angle cut and install the valves myself..but if it does seem to be a crank bearing..
  11. Racer24

    question about oil pump gear

    Ok so i found out that the oil pump assembly has seized up a bit...i looked into my 2010 and noticed that the assembly spun freely just like both kick starter gears and the primary gear..Has anyone else had a problem with the oil pump assembly..could that be a reason why I can't fire up the bike..any opinions?
  12. Racer24

    question about oil pump gear

    Heyy TTer's. I recently purchased a used non working 07 kx250f...long story short..bike blew a head gasket and leaked coolant into the bottom end..water pump seal was good and oil seal behind the wTer pump gear...crank had no up and down play and about 1\16 play side to side..put a new top end new gaskets, coolant held this time, new plug, carb cleaned and float valve inspected. Then I checked the clearance which were still In spec.... after grtting I back together I could not get it to fire..there was spark, compression was enough to fire and if there were a leak it would just run poorly. I even put a tiny bit of gas into the spark plug hole..still no fire not even a backfire... So no I have the right side cover off and removed the clutch assembly..but upon further inspection I noticed that the primary gear, kick start gear and I believe the idler gear (the one next to th kickstart gear and mates wth the clutch basket gear all spin freely..however I noticed another gear that is also mated with basket which spins the oil scavenge pump gear does not spin as smoothly..so after putting the basket on and linning everything up, i noticed that spinning the basket had a few spots that would hang and up..i also noticed it was harder to move the rod through its stroke... my question is if the the gear that mates w/ the basket and oil pump gear suppsed to be hard to turn by hand.? Because it is makingbthe basket and primary gear to turn...I will be opening my 2010 to compare..but wouod like some opiniom before I tear it open
  13. Racer24

    WaldenMX OP/MSC Halloween Race 11/5,6

    will there still be an open practice on the 12th?
  14. Racer24

    guys show me your kawasakis

    very nice... what kind of tires are those? MH3s?
  15. ok so i needed to change my fork seals and the oil in both chambers... well i had one of the rebound clickers set all the way in as oppose to all the way out like it should be...now i already have everything back in place, my question is should i be worried that it was turnned in and not out? should i just redo that one fork leg? i was in a rush to get it all back together for this weekend that i made a careless mistake:bonk: