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  1. can you still put a insert in a 1999

    xr250 head

  2. kingsxjt

    Stator Cover Replacement

    Is your bike an FX? It looks to show 3 bolts holding the stator to the inside of the cover and mine only had 2. Looks to be a YZ250F stator cover too. But yes I see where yours shows it. The manual I have is for a 15 YX250FX and it doesn't show it.
  3. kingsxjt

    Stator Cover Replacement

    Just wanted to report back here. Did the replacement this weekend and when I disassembled I found loctite on the bolts that secure the stator to the cover and the crankshaft position sensor. The service manual makes no mention of loctite on these bolts as it does others. Cleaned it all up and installed fresh loctite on said bolts.
  4. kingsxjt

    Stator Cover Replacement

    Thanks for the input. I was referring to the stator bolts and not the stator cover bolts. I'd never use loctite on the cover bolts unless they had a history of coming loose. Hell I usually grease bolts going into dissimilar metals. The obvious concern is internal damage if such a low torque bolt came loose from the actual stator. Gonna use a dab on the job this weekend. Thanks again!!
  5. Son cracked his stator cover on his 15 yz250fx. Got a new one and looking in the service manual it says to tighten the stator bolts to 5.1 ft/lbs. Says nothing about loctite. I was wondering if the consensus is to use some 242 Loctite or not? Seems it wouldn't hurt and it would be some added insurance.
  6. kingsxjt

    YZ250FX Counter Shaft Seal Driver

    I got the new seal in and it's still cocked, not as bad but still not square. The seal constantly kept wanting to walk out of the seat. The retaining washer that goes on top of the seal seems to be undersized somewhat too as it wantts to slip past the snap ring on the side that is out of true. I've spent 3 hours messing with this thing. Seems like a poor design by Yamaha. I've searched and searched and can find no one that's changed this particular style out.
  7. My son's YZ250FX has a leaking countershaft seal. Tore into it to find the seal was cocked sideways. Removed the old one and began installing new parts. Had a terrible time getting it started squarely. I used the appropritate size socket and was going very slowly only to have one slight tap causing the seal to go a little too deep on one side. I removed it and ordered and new seal. I really need a driver with a flange on it to set it to the correct depth. Anyone know of a good driver that will allow me to get is set perfectly? Any help would be appreciated.
  8. kingsxjt

    Aftermarket levers

    Little late on a reply, but I figured I'd add my findings to help in the future (I just bought a 17 YZ250FX). I found that the levers from my son's old 2013 WR250F would fit his new to him 2015 YZ250FX. We bought the Moose brand Competition levers 1SGYG82 or 0610-0113. I believe the first part number has the plastic insert on the end and the second part number is just aluminum on the ball end. Hope this helps.
  9. kingsxjt

    2009 YZ250F Cold Starting Issue

    I did contact JD again regarding going to the Red needle 5th from the top (was going to anyway just to try it) as that's what the instruction say for my altitude and temps above 60. Put it in Friday and rode it around the yard and got it good and warm to check for any leaning out. The bike seems to have a lot more snap. Hopefully get a ride in next weekend. It's been unseasonably warm here in Mid TN.
  10. kingsxjt

    2009 YZ250F Cold Starting Issue

    When it is warm out never touch the throttle. Pull the choke, cycle the kick starter through until I find TDC, then kick. Usually starts fine then. The wick the throttle procedure was recommended by JD jetting when it is cold outside, which I have tried in the past. I understand that the needle doesn't affect starting, however I think it may be rich on needle or main and pre-maturely fouling the plug. The first cold snap we have, there I am kicking away until I pull start the bike or put in a new plug.
  11. kingsxjt

    2009 YZ250F Cold Starting Issue

    The settings I am currently running are what is recommended per the instructions (185 main, 42 pilot which is stock, 55 leak and blue needle 5th from the top). For my altitude and temps it actually says 80 degrees and below to use the Blue needle. The rep at JD setting said actually the Blue needle is for 60 degrees and below and at 0' to 3000' and to use the red needle when it 60 or above in the same clip position. The guy at JD said to check the float and the pilot air and main air holes which I did. He then told me to wick the throttle once on cold start and kick a couple of times, then try one more wick of the throttle after that if it doesn't start. I have tried this and it really is a crap shoot if it's gonna start when its in the 40 degree range. Change the plug and bingo, great running all day. I'm thinking the red needle is not going to hurt and I may see some more power as well. The guy at JD was pretty stern on sticking to the blue needle, but frankly I am at a loss as to why. It seems that they spend a lot of time testing these bikes and their combinations and stick by them. I just can't understand why mine would be such a bear to start cold.
  12. kingsxjt

    2009 YZ250F Cold Starting Issue

    No twisting of the throttle when starting. Choke is on, ratchet until TDC then kick.(R & D) Fuel mixture screw is 1 3/4 turns out give or take depending on the temps. Yes if I screw the fuel mixture screw all the way in it will die. Again, if I change the plug it fires first kick no matter how cold it is outside. I'm thinking the bike is running rich and carbon fouling the plug. Runs fine once started. Thinking red needle 5th clip pos from the top. The docs included with the JD kit say red needle 5th pos from the top for 60 degrees and above. All other jets the same.
  13. kingsxjt

    2009 YZ250F Cold Starting Issue

    NGK CR8E, Idle is ok when warm? Choke works as it will not start when its warm outside and the bike is cold unless I use the choke.
  14. 2009 YZ250F with JD jetting. 185 main, New 42 pilot, Blue Needle 5th from the top, 55 leak jet. Large O ring on the Acc Pump. I ride 500' to 1200' normally and the temperature range is mid 30's to 70's. Set up for woods. Bike runs fine with no hesitations and makes plenty of power for me on the trails. The issue I have is cold starting when the temps are around 45 or below. Valves have been checked and are in spec. It refuses to start (most of the time) unless I change the plug or pull start. Plug looks carbon loaded. I am a fast C rider and I am wondering if the jetting may be too rich for my riding style. JD said check the float level and pilot/main air jets on the face of the intake side for debris. Both are good. Seems the plug is getting "fouled" and then when its cold it is too carboned up hot to get the bike started. Once I pull start the bike on cold days it first first or second kick every time. Just wondering if maybe I should go to the red needle even though it is recommended for days above 60. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!