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  1. ubu

    2018 Hangtown - FMF 125 Dream Race

    RV actually looked happy up there.
  2. ubu

    brand loyalty vs being an American

    What move did Musquin make on Anderson that drew boos?
  3. ubu

    Tomac Meltdown after race

    I'd say that's accurate.
  4. ubu

    MAVTV on Directv

    Comcast doesn't even have Mavtv.
  5. ubu

    250fx starting issue

    Yes. The bike is hard to kick start. I have a Shorai. It failed on me the day of a race. I kicked for 5 mins and gave up. Another rider came over and started it with one kick. Don't touch the throttle. Kick it hard and smooth, if you can get the hard and smooth combo right. Also make sure your idle knob is set correctly (not too low). Shorai did warranty my battery, BTW.
  6. ubu

    Fork oil

    Change the oil in both. Both inner and outer chambers. You won't need to separate the tubes on the fork with the good seal. I use Maxima 5wt. My Maxima preference is because that is what I used on my first fork service back in 08, and I always seem to have some on hand; maybe just need to buy an extra liter or so. It's less expensive and I always seem to spill some doing the inners. I've had some issues with aftermarket seal/bushing kits. Nothing major. But for the price difference I've settled on genuine Yamaha seals and bushings. It's $55 for seals/bushings/wipers from RMATV. I sometimes have a set of Tusk seals on hand just in case. Keep thinking I want to try the SKF seals, but with my luck I'd nick one on the 1st ride and it's not worth the cost.
  7. My 1st ride in Michigan was Saturday. Just a quick loop of the south side of Cedar Creek. It was a bit muddy and I took it easy because I had to start work on Monday.
  8. Plenty of scratches already from the desert.
  9. LOL. We reached a point where we said &%$#@! it, and just started throwing things in there. So far so good. But I did reorganize this moring because some stuff got bounced around.On that note. I rented a Penske 22ft and the front tires were old and out of balance causing terrible vibration. Max speed was 68 before it felt uncontrollable. They sent a tire service to our hotel in Park City at 1am and we had 2 brand new steer tires this moring. The 22s are rare and might be a little older and not pristine like the 26s, and we got a little un-lucky there. But I think that is great customer service.
  10. On the way to Michigan. Gonna miss Nevada.
  11. ubu

    15 top end rebuild

    Cam chain probably.
  12. I meant ditch the cap, get a ladder rack for the boats, and put the bike under it. http://www.discountramps.com/truck-racks/c/5400/ Of course a van would work, too. I had an E250 extended cargo and liked it a lot for hauling bikes. Not much fun as a daily driver though.
  13. Why not get a ladder rack for the boats.
  14. Use the front wall as your chock. Cut a piece of 4 inch ABS pipe down the center and bolt it to the front wall to keep the wheel from shifting side to side.
  15. ubu

    Who does "In house" rebuilds?

    A few years ago in a rental/no garage.