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  1. WR_Man

    White Bros.

    what do all you thumpers think of the white bros. pipes mainly the e-series??? your help would be apreciated
  2. WR_Man

    Dark or Light?

    on my 02 426 for the blue wire mod is it the Dark or Light blue wire in the sixpack???
  3. WR_Man


    I have been reading about the grey wire mod and so i tried it but i managed to rip the grey wire out and accedenatl pulled the black out as well what does that wire do on a 02 426?? this is urgent please help...
  4. WR_Man

    What kind of tire???

    I have been reading about all these tire and i would like your opinion on what tire to get. i live in washington state and ride in all kinds of conditions i like trail riding and there are alot of rocks and roots but i also like riding on tracks and sand. what kind of tire should i get. 02' WR426 no baffles doing grey and blue wire mods.
  5. WR_Man


    hey anyone who snowmobiles out there he is a great deal on a new RX-1 mountain snowmobile. its the new 4-stroke by yamaha a buddy of mine is selling his because well he is getting old and the sled is a bit much for him he wants something lite and the rx-1 is a big machine gets great gas miledge and has under 1000 miles on it. contact me for further questions.
  6. WR_Man

    de-octopus mod?

    what does this mod do...how do you do it?
  7. WR_Man


    i keep hearing about all these mods (taffy,grey wire, ect) i need info on what all the mods are...
  8. WR_Man


    Is it true that the timing on the WR i 1 click lame???
  9. WR_Man


    How do i get a little more power out of my WR426.