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  1. Kyle Prior

    The ThumperTalk store?

    If you are local or have long distance, 702-940-7899 works as well.
  2. Honestly, had you ordered Tech 7s and gotten 3s, you would call them and let them know, right? Then do the opposite, and let them know.
  3. Kyle Prior

    Kudos to Matt & the TT Store

    If you have a DRZ, they have some good parts for that in stock, and they stock JD Jetting kits for most everything.
  4. Kyle Prior

    If you do not understand why REED = 6th

    He did not gain position from that though. He came back on right behind KW. People do that all the time, but you guys like those people, unlike Reed, so you dont say anything about it.
  5. Kyle Prior

    Kudos to Matt & the TT Store

    Yeah, the location is pretty far north of Henderson though, maybe 20 miles. Its right next to one of the smaller airports in town. When you get here, they are only open 9-4:30, and have to order most anything you want, but can get anything next day if ordered before noon, unless they tell you otherwise.
  6. Kyle Prior

    Worth It

    I had the ProComp XTerrains on my old Jeep, and they held up great, are really aggressive, and barely make any noise on the road.
  7. Kyle Prior

    Broken Femur

    I think I got really lucky with mine. My doctor interted the rod through the hip, and they had me on my feet the next day. Overall, while he wasnt the most friendly doc in the world, he got me into a great physical therapist, had me back at work in 3 weeks, and riding in 3 months. From what my family told me, he wanted to plate my collar bone that was broken in the same accident at the same time as the femur, but I declined, though I do not remember that conversation before my surgery.
  8. Kyle Prior

    New in San Diego

    Hes got a YZ250F, and from riding with him, he's a really good rider.
  9. Did you get rid of the passat or something?
  10. Cycle Gear is good for changing tires...
  11. Kyle Prior

    08' yz for trails?

    Go look at my garage for a trail worthy 250f. I should mention that my 15/47 setup works amazingly well in the desert. It has the bike tamed down, but still with plenty of power.
  12. The sad thing is, that tech probably gets paid $20/hr or so, and asked you to split the hour labor charge, and pay $60... If you have paid that, it wouldn't be splitting the cost, it would be paying 300% of what it cost them.
  13. Kyle Prior

    yama 09

    I suspect a new motor, that will be based on the new WR250R motor that has efi and 4 valves. They will probably keep the same basic frame.
  14. Kyle Prior

    Sandy Valley November 10th track day!

    I'll be out there but still unsure if I will ride or not... Wilson wants me to ride, but I don't know if I am ready to go back to an MX track yet.
  15. He doctor did have me walking on it by use of a walker the day after suregery. I have been walking without assitance since 2 weeks after surgery. Also have been doing a lot of PT including a stationary bike.