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  1. budman151

    pics of 70s

    we put 50 fenders on our 70s and it makes it look sweet. its more modard. i will try to get some pics on here.
  2. budman151

    crf70 pipes?????

    what ever he does dont let him get the fmf. the fmf pipe is to small and it holds in some of the power a bored motor has. i use the big gun and it is nice. i have had my eye the the pro circuit tho. that thing looks sweet.
  3. budman151

    just picked up teo 70s

    i dont know about the xr80 forks but we put some old kx60 forks on my old xr70 but it took at little modifying and if you ever went to swich it back to stock it will prob take a little extra money it do so. i dont have an ishock but i have some friends that do and they seem to work good for them. no problems with them. ooh and if i lived in pennsylvania i would ride with you but IN is just a little to far away.
  4. budman151

    My bikes!!

    sweet bike dude. it looks nice.
  5. budman151

    Not Well

    We had the same problem with one of our bikes and we just lowered the clip on the needle and she ran great.