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  1. Desert Rat 450

    Rocky Hill 11/11

    That's awsome
  2. Desert Rat 450

    Dented header pipe

    It will take more than 5 times. I have done it when everyone said it was impossible
  3. Desert Rat 450

    Get Tired AFTER Riding

    To me if I'm not physically tired then i didn't ride hard enough. I'm naturally hyper/high strung, so like you i am wound up before & during.
  4. I use the front about 90%. The only time i use the rear is, steep down hills ''where you need to slide'' & when i need help to turn the bike @ high speed.
  5. Desert Rat 450

    Back pack vs. waist pack vs. fender pack?

    On long rides i run a front fender pack for tools as well. It helps w/ the weight off your lower back
  6. Desert Rat 450

    tinted goggle lenses

    I run a smoked lens as well in the Desert, helps w/ glare
  7. Desert Rat 450

    I've got a little problem

    I would keep the bike. Your his buddy and after she screws him over, that bike and you will be all he has. If you don't want to store it then I will, but don't get rid of it without finding him first
  8. Desert Rat 450

    How do YOU clean your bike?

    Ok i am going to admit trying the shout. it actually worked great!!! I have used simple green for quit awhile now & compared to shout it doesn't stand a chance I let it sit for about 5min and all the grunge from the chain lub/wax & eveything else is gone without an effort. It even removed the stain that developes from chain lube/wax on your sprocket and hub. No pressure washer just the spray from a garden hose
  9. Desert Rat 450

    is my bike seized? please help

    Next time you have bike issues, go to the Kawi. setion for help. Faster and easier
  10. Desert Rat 450

    is my bike seized? please help

    I have had my cylinders bored, replated & honed. There is a reason that they make different sized pistons for cylinders. Also being that we cannot see the damage is why we suggest going to a reputable Mech. that will do it correctly and not screw him. I agree, if he splitt the cases you just as well replace bearings and seals
  11. Desert Rat 450

    is my bike seized? please help

    It all depends on the damage to the cylinder. My last CR250 had to have a new cylinder ''welded'' but my CRF450r was able to be bored. I like replace my piston & rings once a year in my 2smokers & 4strokes whether they need it or not, rather be safe then stranded :thumbs up:
  12. Desert Rat 450

    We're Back!!!!!! Kennedy Meadows Round 2

    Great stuff Walt, glad to see i'm not the only one that takes a bath @ KM
  13. Desert Rat 450

    How Many To Fix A Honda?