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  1. moreccsthanlbs

    Track riding

    ....... gonna be COLD in Gorman
  2. moreccsthanlbs

    Track riding

    Elsinore is open... I think Pala as well
  3. moreccsthanlbs

    Best trails in Gorman/ Hungry Valley?

    FYI...there is a race out there this weekend
  4. moreccsthanlbs

    Post pics of your CR's

    Finished my complete rebuild of my 93 CR500...next season is gonna be good
  5. moreccsthanlbs

    Morning Mojave Rides: Thursdays & Saturdays

    Damn..... didn't even see this. I'm down for some Saturday morning action.... let me know
  6. moreccsthanlbs

    Post pics of your CR's

    02 CR500af
  7. moreccsthanlbs

    Son Vs Father, epic Do L

    I would give anything for 1 more ride with my Dad...I look forward to getting my son in the dirt this year
  8. moreccsthanlbs

    Anyone doing the Big6 GP at Gormon this weekend..??

    It was a fun race weekend...I'm by no means a red bar, just doin it for grins and giggles. The WCGP on Saturday was retarded...there was soooooo many people lined up. The Sunday Senior race was good times. It took Gordon Ward until 3/4 way into the 2nd lap to lap me.....hahahahahaha. Looking forward to 2018 season
  9. Picked up a '10 FX 450....do you have the subframe tank? What kind of mileage do you get out of the FE? What gearing are you running?
  10. moreccsthanlbs

    New to me 2010 FX 450

    Just picked up a 2010 FX 450. I can't wait to give it a go. I'm gonna be picking your brains once I get some miles on it.
  11. moreccsthanlbs

    Minnesota guy looking to ride near San Diego 21st

    Is there room for one more?
  12. moreccsthanlbs

    wedenesday or thursday anyone want 2 ride?

    Still there....all illegal, you just need to know where to park
  13. moreccsthanlbs

    wedenesday or thursday anyone want 2 ride?

    You're thinking of Beaumont