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  1. Thanks for the feedback everyone. The "long and heavy feeling" description is exactly what I think about the '15. Looks like a '17 is the way to go. Will need to see if the Ohlins rear shock can be modified to work on the '17.
  2. I'm running full Ohlins on my '15, which will go on my new bike, so suspension has never been an issue. More weight and chassis. Do you have experience on the '17 350?
  3. Found out I turn faster lap times on the smaller bores and can ride a lot longer without getting beat up.
  4. As the title states. I like my '15, but don't love it. If it was a bit lighter and cornered a bit better then I think I'd be really happy. Curious if the 2017 achieves this. BTW - vet a/b moto rider that's thrown in the towel on 450's. Thanks for any insight.
  5. MotoXT

    Merry Christmas Pro Section

    What's pathetic is your pointless dribble, in which you add nothing to the discussion. My guess is that you are a taker in life, butt hurt included...
  6. MotoXT

    Merry Christmas Pro Section

    Hopefully, Santa left something under the tree that you dearly need - a life.
  7. Any word on when the 350 SFX factory edition will be available in the US?
  8. I was just getting ready to post an identical issue with my 2011 RMZ250. I can get mine started a little easier but the idle RPM hunts and I need the choke turned almost all the way out. I know I don't have any valve issues. I've checked the TPS and all electrical connections to the throttle body and air box. I'm running a PIM2 with a Ron Hamp program. I've checked the hot start and it's working as it should be. Anyone have any ideas on what the issue may be? Thanks!
  9. MotoXT

    Anyone go from 450 to 250?

    Thanks Honda - great input. Same boat as you, kids and what not. I do compete, but starting to think that I'll only suffer a bit on starts on the 250, but make it up elsewhere. I'll be talking with Ron Hamp tomorrow about building me a 250F and get his thoughts, but I think that's the route I'm going.
  10. MotoXT

    Anyone go from 450 to 250?

    Thanks! That's what I'm leaning towards.
  11. MotoXT

    Anyone go from 450 to 250?

    Hello - I'm currently on an '11 RMZ450, and like the bike, but often wonder if I'd be better off on the 250. I've had a bunch of injuries the past few years, usually stupid things where the bike gets away from me. I'm a competitve vet B rider @ 160lbs. Anyone make the switch? Other than starts, which I do pretty well with, I'm thinking I won't be at much of a disadvantage if I build up a fast 250. Thanks!
  12. MotoXT

    Stewart proving it was the Yamaha

    Based on this logic, your posts need an *
  13. MotoXT

    SKF seals anyone?

    Thanks for the response. Yes, the green ones. Apparently SKF has had some tolerance issues with the 47 Showa's. Good to hear about the Motion Pro fork tool, just ordered one.
  14. MotoXT

    Who will take RV2s spot for the outdoors?

    Tickle on RV's bike and Regal on Reeds.
  15. MotoXT

    Pay Attention, Doc!

    Worst first post, ever.