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  1. pjl

    05 450 forks on an 04?

    If any of you guys decide you want a brand new(well, has 2 rides on them)set of 05crf450r forks in mint condition, i will let them go for $500 plus shipping. I have run B-kit works forks that I had from my old bike. pierre@bipack.com
  2. pjl

    My Nmotion ported '03 pics..

    I would not take a dremel and do any kind of polishing on the intake side of things. The ports are left that way for a reason.
  3. pjl

    1978 Chevrolet k10

    I have a 1977 that is used as a ranch truck. With a little preventive maintanance, it works very well. Mine is a 4x4 shorty. It does have a newer 350 crate motor, but runs excellent. If you take a little time and change things like door hinges, the truck will feel much better. I have the same quad as you too, it is also used by my ranch workers and has never failed.
  4. I had the same dodge. I replaced 3 transmissions and one set of heads before it hit 60k miles. I would never own a dodge again. Good luck.
  5. cycra will not fit. It will not fit any rotor bigger than 270mm
  6. pjl

    Broken Femur

    I broke my femur back in 1991. It hurt like hell. Make sure to maintain range of motion on your knee. I didn't and had to have a knee surgery six months later.
  7. pjl

    Wanted: 05 Silencer!!

    I am looking for a stock 05 exhaust too. Anyone want to sell? pierre@bipack.com
  8. pjl

    Post JD kit wackiness stumper: taking wagers

    I would contact the guys I mentioned, I would bet they would do the job in 1 day and you can overnight it back, you would lose just 3-4 days. This would get you back on the bike this weekend. If it were me, I would get the carb dialed in right away. Why ruin a riding trip? If the carb is fine,(which I doubt) you can get every electrical part tested. I just noticed on your signature you put a "quickshot", if that is an accelerator pump cover, I would remove it and go back to stock. I have some friends with problems jetting after installing these things. again, good luck.
  9. pjl

    Post JD kit wackiness stumper: taking wagers

    You need to find a new mechanic. These guys appear to be incompetent. Try sending your carb out to kelstr, burned, JD or someone to go thru, then just install carb yourself.
  10. pjl

    Post JD kit wackiness stumper: taking wagers

    It still sounds like carb problems, is the needle bent? Do you have another set of jets you can swap out with? Take the choke mechanism apart, I have seen a small spec of dirt stuck to the choke plunger on a 2-smoke that caused havoc. I would go thru the carb again, especially since they didn't do a very good job putting it back together.
  11. pjl

    Post JD kit wackiness stumper: taking wagers

    I say its the fuel too. I would clean one more section of the carb. rotate the carb to access the bottom. remove fuel screw and pilot jet. Spray carb cleaner into fuel screw hole. With an air compressor, blow air in same passage, then repeat with carb cleaner into pilot jet hole. I had simular problem with my wifes bike and it took 3 cleanings of carb to figure this out. We purchased gas from a different gas station than usual, not sure if it was related, but cleaning out that passage in carb fixed the problem. good luck
  12. anyone remember the password for the PDF crf450r service manual that was floating around here a couple of years ago? NEVERMIND it was motocd
  13. pjl

    DMC Afterburner exhaust ? Any comments ?

    Dave Miller used to build some bad ass bikes, but that was 20 years ago.
  14. pjl

    icat ?

    rumor has it you best buy a 6 pack of coils too.