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    Anything that accelerates fast.
  1. baja4lif3

    Considering changing my WR450 for a RM250

    I switched from a wr426 to a rm250. and i dont regret it the rm handles so much better, but i do miss the lights and the ability to do 90 mph.
  2. baja4lif3

    was this a good decision

    id say the bike was a good choice...it doesnt talk back and it likes to be ridden harder.
  3. i think its better to buy a truck already lifted so you know how it rides as opposed to buying a stock one than lifting it and finding out the lift sucks. this happened to my dad with his suburban.
  4. baja4lif3

    RM Christmas wish list...

    I am getting Gaerne SG10's and want a -wiseco clutch basket -flywheel wieght a long travel kit for my truck would be nice too.
  5. baja4lif3

    Is this a good clutch basket???

    I am definetly ordering one from you guys after the holidays are over.
  6. baja4lif3

    What is this dripping from my bike?

    that doesn't look good. I don't know what it is though.
  7. 4 strokes make you lazy you can ride in 3rd or 4th gear almost anywhere, up any hill. I started out on three 4 strokes and now am i on a 2 stroke and i dont think i ever want to go back.
  8. if trail riding get a ttr-125 big wheel one. my dad got me one when i was 12 and it lasted me maybe a year. so you might want to consider a crf150f which is taller than the ttr. both are nearly maintenance free too.
  9. baja4lif3

    Why do you love your RM250/125...?

    I love my 2000 rm250 i have 3+ years on my top end and it hasn't lost any compression since i purchased it 3 years ago. I ride it in the dunes, track, desert, and forest singletrack and it never gives up.
  10. baja4lif3

    Is this a good clutch basket???

    How does the wiseco basket compare to these? Cost is not that big of a deal i want one that will last.
  11. baja4lif3

    trade 2000rm250 for 2000 ktm 400sxc?

    In phoenix, i already know i could get away with it up in prescott. but i would want to ride it to school with is GCC 6 miles in the city.
  12. baja4lif3

    trade 2000rm250 for 2000 ktm 400sxc?

    Thanks guys. I decided to keep my trusty rm for awhile longer. The reason i was going to trade was to be able to be street legal and i miss my wr426.
  13. Do you think trading my 2000 suzuki rm250 plus cash for a 2000 ktm 400sxc is a good trade? Or should i wait for something else. Thanks in advance
  14. Are 2001 rm250 spokes the same length as on the 2000 rm 250. I need 2 spokes for my 2000 and i know someone where i can get the 2001/02 spokes thanks.
  15. baja4lif3

    turbo sounding noise help?

    My 2000 rm 250 sounds like it has a turbo like a whistling noise at idle and in low rpm. I am not sure if it is just piston slap or what it could be. any help would be appreciated. Thanks