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  1. Black and blue, one and two
  2. Those two arenacross dudes got game
  3. The triple crown format is tailor made for Roczen

    Supercross Bike Evolution

    It does bring up a good point, but maybe this is already being done (removing gears). I know that in Endurocross it is not uncommon to remove gears. I recall Cody Webb having just a 2 gear transmission a while back when he was on Betas. Maybe someone (with sx experience) can chime in here, but I would guess that 1st and 5th are not needed....maybe even 4th on some tracks. But then when you get jammed up in a turn or go down and shift down too far do you hit neutral or could neutral be between 2nd and 3rd?

    Nobody's talking about Kenny getting the Red plate?

    Agree and that's what makes Tomac the most fun to watch.

    Is it a triple crown race this weekend?

    Oh yeah, kind of like the MEC. I remember it being really confusing for people to keep track of who is leading and the different duration added to that. Hopefully it's better.

    Is it a triple crown race this weekend?

    I forget, totally different race format for these races?

    2019 MX Bike Shootout Thread

    It was kind of a joke, but truly it's kind of strange that suspension in general has not evolved more in all those years. Any 450 can make more power than the human body can handle, but it seems like some kind of "smart" suspension system would be the next big thing.
  9. Exactly. During the last drought people in southern California saved a massive amount of water by cutting back. Most of the people with lawns in my neighborhood had them turn to dirt and they are still that way. Our reward for saving more than expected? We got higher water rates as a thank you.

    2019 MX Bike Shootout Thread

    Absolutely it is some kind of heinous conspiracy against you orange fluffers that dwell endlessly on such things. Clearly it is working. Now, lets move on to other more pressing topics like why no one has been able to improve on SSS suspension that has gone virtually unchanged now for nearly 15 years

    Lets learn more and reduce our risks about Chinese bikes

    Hmmm, much of that sounds no different than our culture here.

    Crf230f LED headlight

    To be honest, most polisport headlights kind of suck. We had a Halo on my son's KDX200 and while it looked great, the problem is in the reflector. His took a hi/low H4 bulb, which you can readily find led bulbs for. However, when we put identical bulbs in that light and my stock '12 WR450 light, mine worked brilliantly and his was very poor. I would search out a WR or CRFX style light on ebay that takes an H4 or H1S bulb (you can make either bulb work in either housing). I would then add an led bulb, the kind with the fan built into the bulb, preferably "COB" style, which stands for circuit on board. LED bulbs can now be found that are no more expensive than standard halogen bulbs. I bought one for about $7 on ebay delivered to my door a month or so ago. Just watch the output, mine only uses 30 watts and works great, but they do make them with ridiculous power requirements that could be more than what your CRF puts out.

    Thoughts on A1

    We rarely use the heater so that's definitely a big nut to the power equation. I did add a second battery at one time, but it lost a cell and took out the other battery with it so I got rid of that. Have always run on a single battery before and after.

    Thoughts on A1

    Generally we don't use that much power. The lights are all swapped to led so mostly it's just the water pump that uses the power. So far for 3 day trips it really hasn't been a problem although I may add a smaller panel in the future just to get an added trickle charge during the day.