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  1. endoverend

    Color change anyone ....

    I will stick with yellow, I love the Suzuki yellow
  2. endoverend

    Good bike??You bet your a$$!!!!!

    it doesnt matter which bike is better, as long as you like the one that you have now.
  3. endoverend

    KXF success stories

    OK cool, I thought that midwests was a magazine that I have not heard about. I will be looking forward to reading that.
  4. endoverend

    KXF success stories

    BLah blah blah Where did I give any advice?
  5. endoverend

    KXF success stories

    What and where do you read about this midwests shootout?
  6. endoverend

    KXF success stories

    What the hell do you know, I still have my KXF. Beat it you tool
  7. endoverend

    KXF success stories

    I stand my ground. You have NO IDEA what I went through with that bike. You just want to make fun of someone that might not be on that same level you are, instead you make fun, and spit out ignorant comments. So no, screw you,I will not be going anywhere
  8. endoverend

    Honda is the best by far

    I agree with this guy. I have no complaints with my RM-Z. Turning is its forte. I like the 4 speed too, especialy at the track. Ill bet the Honda is good, not far and above what the author of this thread states.
  9. endoverend

    KXF success stories

    Karterron to the rescue! You dont read very well do you? Have not read anything that I have said. I am not going to list it all here, maybe you should go back and re-read you freaking dingleberry
  10. endoverend

    What's The Suzuki RM-Z450 Like?

    The 06 RM-Z is the smoothest powerband of all the 450's
  11. endoverend

    KXF success stories

    Better watch out here, SOME people will jump you if you dont say only positive things about the KXF What you have said is true, I have both the KXF and RM-Z. The RM-Z turns way better. Both motors are good.
  12. endoverend

    Motocross Action

    Trolling? Ill show you trolling you dingleberry
  13. endoverend

    Motocross Action

    Ok whatever Its my fault, drop it
  14. endoverend

    what 450 4 stroke to purchase

    Well when I had the yamaha I never had a problem(when general maintenance is done). Suzuki, I have never had a problem. Kawasaki I have had problems. I had a 2000 kx250 and I stripped 2nd gear, and barings went bad in the steering and rear suspension linkage. Honda I have had problems. On my 1990 CR250 it just would foul plugs like there was no tomarrow, and jetting was same as when it was working good. Carb was cleaned too. Honda I have had mystery problems. That is my experience for you. My finishing order would be out of the knowlegde that I know 1st-RM-Z 2nd-YZF 3rd-CRF 4th-KXF.
  15. endoverend

    Motocross Action

    I agree