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  1. Dam dude gas lookin purty low. hope u not to far from truck.
  2. rjboschjr

    Thanksgiving week at Stonyford

    What in the parking lot....
  3. rjboschjr

    ENCORE Rocks and logs

  4. rjboschjr

    Enduro : Two Worlds

    Awesome vid, but put some hand guards on bro....
  5. rjboschjr

    Who put a pond there?

    1/2 way thru the vid, i stop it. brought back to much memories, but I didn't sustain that much injuries. Hope your feeling better and get back to riding.
  6. rjboschjr

    Almost drove into a pit of death

    Yeah, I'd say you would've had a big problem there ... Dam I'd have a problem where in the hell is the trail at.
  7. HAHA! at about 1:40 the 1st vid you guys went buy this spot.
  8. rjboschjr

    Hill climbing with friends

    I think I'm as good as new. That's all can remember, haha. Jeez you like holding on some old pic's. But I still get my bell rung every once in awhile. And yes I do have a very good brain bucket.
  9. rjboschjr

    FYI - Why We Ride in Manteca

    Nice I'll have to check it out.
  10. rjboschjr

    Hill climbing with friends

    Talk about thread hijack...
  11. rjboschjr

    Tahoe NF Lawsuit

  12. rjboschjr

    Stonyford tomorrow

    Well what do you expect from DF. If I go their which is very rare, I go to LiL stony/ wolf creek.
  13. rjboschjr

    DirtBikes Are Awesome

    Nice Job ... But dam how many guys were you riding with, Looks like a big group. Your mate did a good job at mixing the music, My brother mixes his on music too. For whats it's worth,He uses a 16 track for all his mixing.
  14. rjboschjr

    Posting for a ride weekend

    There's some really fun shit out there. Only been out their once, I do remember looong whooped out areas. But once you get way out, some great single track.