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  1. zrxer

    Where's Horri?

    Anyone seen him around? He hasn't logged into TT since Jan. 2016. He used to post quite often. Hope he's okay.
  2. zrxer

    XR650l Broken piston Major Damage

    Well, that's a drag. Another vote for Steve as far as an engine builder. By the way, I believe you are bidding on my engine. If you end up with it, I could ship it directly down to Steve for a nice refresh.
  3. zrxer

    W.I.P. 1983 XR350 in Phoenix

    That's just another vent, for your crankcase. I know on the bigger XRs it's routed somewhere above and/or to the side of the airbox. It just vents to atmosphere but it needs to be as high up as possible to avoid water intrusion during water crossings and such.
  4. zrxer

    W.I.P. 1983 XR350 in Phoenix

    Well, good job. You're making progress! That nozzle on the side is a vent. You might want to put a piece of hose on it and route it up somewhere out of dirt and debris way.
  5. zrxer

    XR600R 88-up EFI

    I like this idea, Bill. I guess when you mention the 650 you are speaking of the XR650L? It would be nice to have something for the XR650R as well. Bruce
  6. zrxer

    Any XR200 Performance Parts Available?

    Awesome, Chuck! Thanks for posting those cam specs.
  7. zrxer

    Any XR200 Performance Parts Available?

    How do we contact you for purchase of your offset crank pins? Thanks.
  8. zrxer

    W.I.P. 1984 Honda XR250 Phoenix

    As far as the carb holders (insulators), the differences are where the passage between the two intake valves are located. If you look at the pics, one has a passage machined into it and has one big o-ring and the other has two smaller individual o-rings. I know on the early RFVC 500s and XL600 they used a passage machined directly in the cylinder head with a reed valve that opened at idle to let the intake charge bleed over to the right valve for lubrication since the right carburetor didn't open until approximately 1/3 of throttle operation. They did away with that style and to machining a passage into the carb insulator on the later models. Your cylinder head looks to have the reed and passage machined into the head so I would think you would be able to use either one as long as the o-ring seals against the head. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. It's been a while since I've looked at the different head styles but the two o-ring style may have two individual intake ports so the single large o-ring style may not work on that head. Hope this is of some help to you.
  9. zrxer

    W.I.P. 1984 Honda XR250 Phoenix

    Heck, that's not a bad thing. A lot of people consider the XR350R to be one of the best all-around XRs Honda ever produced. Congratulations. The kickstand and return spring should work, I'm not exactly sure on the carb. holder. I had forgotten that the early XR350R had a drum brake, the later ones were disc as I recall. That bike's definitely worthy of some time and money invested in it. Of all the adult sized XRs, the 350 is the only one I have never owned, or even ridden. Nice score!
  10. zrxer

    W.I.P. 1984 Honda XR250 Phoenix

    If there's no nipple on the airbox for it, it probably just vents to atmosphere. Back to your front brake--are you sure this bike is a 250 and not a 200? In 1984 and 1985 the XR200R and XR250R were both of the twin-carb RFVC engine design. The 200 was basically a sleeved down 250 engine with smaller carburetors and drum brakes on both the rear as well as the front. I know your swingarm looks like it says 250 but to be sure, look at your engine cylinder, it should say how many CCs the engine is.
  11. zrxer

    W.I.P. 1984 Honda XR250 Phoenix

    He's referring to the drum brake. Your bike should have a disc brake on the front.
  12. Great post, thanks. I'm aware of these bikes but I'm not really a fan of the Chinese stuff--yet. Lack of a dealer support system and wondering if they'll even be around in a few years is a bit of a concern. As for my "old school" XR200R, it's a great bike. I was a senior in high school in '83 and remember these bikes on the showroom floor. I bought a new leftover '82 XR500R after graduation--loved that bike--and the little 200 reminds me in looks and fitment (ergonomically) of my old 500. A little more cramped, though. I should just keep the 200 as it works very well for what I use it for but there's always that allure for something new--something "better".
  13. zrxer

    XR400R Parts Needed

    Hmmm... I didn't know that. Well, I'm going to have to take my chances as I like the stock tanks shape and fitment. I'd like to buy new but they're no longer available. Thanks for that.
  14. zrxer

    XR400R Parts Needed

    I appreciate it Daniel but the difference is color. The '99 is white, I need red. Thanks though.
  15. Time Left: 4 days and 16 hours

    • WANTED
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    Hello gentlemen. I'm looking for a stock fuel tank for a 2000-2004 model. I think maybe the XR250R is the same so one of those would work as well. Let me know if that's not the case. Also looking for the stock headlight/number plate assembly. I need everything including the mount straps. Stock seat would be nice as well. Very nice to excellent condition would be preferable but I'll consider anything. Thanks!


    , California - US