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  1. N8ster

    YZ450F top clamp on 16' YZ125?

    The offset should work. I think it will need machining to fit the upper tubes (54mm vs 56mm). I used a complete set from a 2014 yz250f (22mm offset, dual position, rubber isolated mounts). Used the talents of a local machinist to bore the uppers out. Not a straight cut, yamaha put a small amount of angle to the forks compared to the stem. Not sure how the 16+ 450f is setup.
  2. N8ster

    Jetting with the Zook NECJ

    The clacking could be chain slap. Cruising in 4th, low rpm, then an increase in throttle. Mine does it whenever I'm on a transfer section headed to another trail. It will do it in any gear at lower rpm. Sound comes from the chain and detonation would resonate from the expansion chamber or right side of the bike. What do you use to clean your filter? I have a spare filter that I switch between during washes, the dirty one goes into the sink, dry one gets oiled then slapped into the bike, then I clean the dirty one and leave it to dry. The plug will foul if it's sucking water left from the previous clean. Water will pool to the bottom or go through the carb. Some guys only run one filter (at $50 a piece for one up here at some shops, I can't really fault that). The only other thing I can think of being out is an o-ring in the head after the head mod was done. Something small like a fray in the inner oring and coolant can pass into the head. I would think that would be more noticable at higher rpm after the water pump builds more pressure. Weird things can happen.. I recently pulled my skid plate off before a ride to drop my oil. Drain bolt stripped so I drain through the clutch cover and filled the same way. In a rush I put the skid plate on but wasn't careful with all the hoses and lines on the left side. Went for a ride and thought the jetting was throwing the bike off. Tried changing pilots, needle clip, main jet etc. I was ready to pull the power valve apart... Bringing my tool kit over I noticed the powervalve vent pinched between the frame and skid plate.... That fixed everything!! Bike worked fine after. I really couldn't believe it was something simple that I rushed and overlooked..
  3. N8ster

    Jetting with the Zook NECJ

    Something is out. Reeds are good? How often is the muffler packed? Fuel vent plugged? Timing off? Water in the tank or on the air filter? I'm at 60 hours on the same plug. 2500-5000ft 10-15 celcius NECJ #2 40 pilot at 1 1/4-1 3/4 170 main stock timing Cut head with 23.5cc .050 squish same spark plug since the head mod and 115hrs on the stock piston/rings 40:1 motul 800 and 94 ethanol free
  4. N8ster

    yz2502x power ugrade

    https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1155999-yz250x-governor-spring/?page=25#comment-13782152 Start from page one
  5. N8ster

    yz2502x power ugrade

    https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1186529-yz250x-powervalve-adjustment-results/ Have you checked out this thread? This should have all info on the 250x powervalve mod. I started with removing one of the x washers and ended up with using a single yz washer instead. Removing one washer is free and will change the hit with the powervalves opening up earlier in the rpm range. I am using the NECJ (#2) suzuki needle, 40 pilot jet and 170 main jet. Float height reset and boyesen pro series reeds, 14/50 gearing and eline stator for lights and flywheel weight
  6. Thanks Gary The diagrams are helpful for getting the other stuff set up. Looks like he's using a 4 wire reg/rec in most of the diagrams. They show 2 yellows and a black and red or 1 yellow and a black and red. The reg/rec that came with these parts is a 2 wire unit (1 yellow and one brown). I'll check around and see if I can find a 3 wire reg/rec if wiring up a 2 wire unit isn't an option
  7. Has anyone wired up an external stator with a 2-wire regulator/rectifier? I picked up a used eline kit that came with a 2-wire box. The stator is a standard three wire (2 yellow 1 red) Eline unit. I've had it installed to get used to the flywheel effect but not wired. I have a battery mounted in the airbox, wr headlight and acerbis led taillight. All of the info I've found is using a 3 or 4 wire reg/rec. If I can only use one lead from the stator to charge the battery that would be fine and should keep the battery charged with the lights I'm using.
  8. N8ster

    Nates yz250 bike build

    Hey it's hard to tell from the pictures but it looks like you've got sss forks. Inset octagon fork caps and stepped tubes over the seals. Could be a early 06 built in 05? I might be wrong tho Nice bike!
  9. N8ster

    YZ250X gearing

    Squish set and slightly raised compression. It was a combination of everything together, not just reworking the head (msg me if you want the info on my cylinder head). On the last 2/3 rides with 13/50 I noticed I could leave it in second and make it up tight greasy hills but have to really heat up the clutch to do it. I'm getting more traction in lower rpm but the clutch suffers. This got me thinking about going back to 14 and running first gear in the same areas. 13/50 was one of the first things I did to this bike and I had 90 hours with it to know how it works. A down side to switching back to 14/50 is hitting neutral between 2/1 shifts. This is something it's always done but I'm using first gear more than with 13/50. I'm getting used to just tapping it 2-3 times to make sure it's in first
  10. N8ster

    YZ250X gearing

    I was a big advocate for 13/50. I have my squish adjusted, altered powervalve, flywheel weight (eline stator) and yz/yz-x clutch spring combo (3/3). With these mods, I like 14/50. Same riding area, same trails but a better power delivery now and everything works well together. I can abuse the clutch and the yz springs slow the fade
  11. N8ster


    218 143.5mm is the total length of the PC link? Do you know what the length is from eye to eye? I am using the yz pull arm now but would like to try something in between the yz and yzf arms. I have an extra yzf arm that I can oval out. I'm guessing only 1-2mm?
  12. N8ster

    22mm clamps bore size

    54mm bored out to 56mm https://www.thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1234561-22mm-tripleclamp-on-yz250/
  13. I bought a take-off drz400 front brake line and I would not recommend it. The thin rubber expands when the brake is pulled and it will not lock up. I'm going to buy a galfer line for a 2013 wr450. Have you tried lowering your shifter to 1 notch below level? Are your boots new or broken in? I use a beat size 12 thor ratchet and don't notice an issue shifting. Riding position also plays a big part in shifting comfort/function
  14. N8ster

    STIC metering block review

    I think using that with a splash of race gas would be better than 91 with ethanol... I switched from 91 with ethanol to 94 ethanol-free after my cylinder head was cut (squish brought to .045 and cc's cut to 23.5 with plug. Both verified before install). Adjustments with my air screw are more noticeable and I will have to go 1 step richer on both pilot and main vs what I was running last October/November. Similar temps, same area
  15. N8ster

    STIC metering block review

    You've checked all the fill stations near you for ethanol free? http://www.pure-gas.org/index.jsp?stateprov=UT