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  1. pp99_99

    jumping progress

    Very true.. as a fellow racer i have the same mentality!
  2. pp99_99

    getting in shape for racing

    All of the above.. but also look at your diet and limit the fatty foods!
  3. On mine i've got the following: Vortex ignition hot cams White bros pipe (full system) fmf jetting kit revalved forks sag set 48 tooth talon sprocket I've also had this put on the dyno to the timing with everything right.. the best mod out of all this money spent is the vortex.. makes a massive different over standard. Oh and my black excel wheels just for looks! Also will be adding a high comp piston and shaving the head.. will let you know how these mods att work!
  4. pp99_99

    railing a berm

    Hmm.. lock up both brakes like to see that!!
  5. pp99_99

    2006 mods

    I myself have just got an 06' 250f and have begun to do mods in order to keep my bike out in front more and more in my races. I've done a high com piston and had the head shaved. I've also done a fmf jet kit and a white brother carbon pro full exhaust system. These mods have made a huge gain over the stock capacity. I've got a vortex ignition to add and my mods will be complete apart from black excel rims. The vortex is by far the most exciting mod on my bike. (Well will be) It enables you to retard the ignition in muddy or loose situations and gaining a huge advantage over stock bikes. Once my vortex is installed i will run it on the dyno and let you know the horsepower this has all added. As for hot cams i steer away as it makes the bike very hard to start. (I had them in my old 03')
  6. pp99_99

    Best first mod.

    WB pipe and vortex ignition you would look back!
  7. Congratulations on your pick!!... Blue is without a doubt the way to go. I've come from a 03' 250f to a 06' 250f and the weight, suspension and engine are far superior to my old 03. I have been racing for a while and have begun to mod my 06' with vortex ignition, wb pipe and black excel rims with gold talon hubs. I have a mate who got a 06' crf250 and has had nothing but problem. The list to date is a replaced clutch, some sort of starting problem (valve related or jetting)... Make me laugh cause i ride blue!! Let me tell you these mods have me out in the front of my races much more than my old 03'. If your looking to race i suggest these sort of mods. Good luck and happy riding you wont look back
  8. pp99_99

    maintenance intervals

    I religiously do oil and oil filter/spark plug ever 5 hours and air filter after every ride. I find the easiest thing to do it have 3 air filters and have them oiled by in air tight bags so your not cleaning hem every 2 seconds. I think i also saw someone else mention spokes these are very important. On top of this basic servicing you will also need to look at your swing arm bearing/linkages/head set bearing regularly and ensure they are packed with grease. I do this around every 50 hours of riding. Oh and install an hour meter and you wont look back!
  9. pp99_99

    Newb needing advice

    Strongly agree.. if you can do 10 laps flat out your doing well!
  10. pp99_99

    Arm Pump...

    I admit i'm the same as the above partly because i dont strech as much as i should. If your doing 1 hour and not getting anything means you are not riding hard enough, the terain is flat, your superman.
  11. pp99_99


    After neumerous broken bones you still get back on your bike and it's all learning in the early years. I've been riding for aound 8 now and have not had a broken bone/crash in ages.
  12. I never let the engine do the braking. For me this is a time waster and allows other slower riders to catch up.. Just my 2 cents
  13. Thanks for your advice.. i will put it to use in my race on the weekend!
  14. Does anyone else have any other ideas??
  15. pp99_99

    New Top end with HC piston ride report.

    I'm in Australia and got a Wiseco high comp for my 06 and man is it worth the money over the standard one!... I replied earlier and did similar mods and this bike has heaps of power to burn compared to my moded 03!!