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  1. the big bore kid


    stand up in and let the bike move a little bit beneath u hit everything as square as possible and pick the best line possible. if ur aitting ur connected to the bike so if the bike bucks u buck with it. if ur standing ur legs are aloowing the bike to move with out throwing u and getting u off balance.
  2. the big bore kid

    Sitting versus standing

    i sit in smooth terrain and stand in rough terrain or low visiability but i always feel safer standing
  3. the big bore kid

    ktm 525sx supermoto HELP!!!

    buy an exc
  4. the big bore kid


    agreed where abouts do u live i assume that u live on the east coast if you have hills like that im in coffs harbour nsw
  5. the big bore kid


    i like them now i never used to, the turning point was when i had to go down a well known hill without front brakes and i cldnt slow down with back or compression braking it would just lock up and keep gaining speed than jump sideways when i hit a rock so i just had to hold on and go with it and correct myself by pulling in the clutch
  6. the big bore kid

    08 Yamaha Supermoto WR250X FI

    why dont u just register a normal wr i can and will very soon maybe thats only in australia but u can do it strate off the show room floor
  7. the big bore kid

    WR250 license in WA?????

    in australia u can register any enduro models as long as u have the proper equipment on em
  8. the big bore kid

    does the wr250f have a lot of maintenance

    not really, because of the titanium valves u have to keep the filter clean and fuel filter ( otherwise you night have to replace or adust the valves) but thats bout it except for the usual 4 stroke stuff. its no different to any other modern day 4-stroke.
  9. the big bore kid

    To lend or Not to lend...then what?

    same thing happened to me my mate broke off my front caliper some how and i asked for money and he wldnt i swear i almost hit him anyway were not to close anymore, but if it were me and i did the damage id offer to pay even if it wasnt my fault
  10. the big bore kid

    Trail 2 Stroke

    add at least an extra 125cc and another 2 strokes and valves 125s r known to be hard on hills because they run out of power and very bad bottom end but most of the suggestions above will help
  11. the big bore kid

    dakar cancelled

    yeah because the dakar is the perfect target for a terrorist:bonk: maybe japan is sick of seeing all the european bikes taking over and decided to act on it:p
  12. the big bore kid

    Driving Cars and Driving Dirt Bikes!?!?!?!?!?

    i wouldnt get into racing practices on the road that just sounds like trouble, i dont think you should be thinking that way. if you want to improve braking on your moto do it on your moto in the right places. ive also only got my learners licence not long ago and i originally was trying to drive like i ride until i realised that not only is it dangerous for myself but its also dangerous to others.
  13. the big bore kid

    smallest motorcycle!!!!!!!!

    why is there 2 back sprockets?
  14. haha i was bout to say that looks alot like australia than i realised it was. where are u based im in coffs harbour nsw
  15. the big bore kid

    Pics of man made obstacles for practice course?

    i wanted to make 1 in the back yard but my parents wldnt let me even if i paid for everything. i recon 30cm logs at 45 degees to each other one after another so its a "z" kind zigzag pattern. maybe a small pool just dig a whole and cover it with spray cement stuff doesnt hav to be perfect.