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  1. H 17 Racing

    01 yz250f plastic change to 04

    Let me know what you want for everything as a set. That would make it a lot easier than buying it one piece at a time.
  2. H 17 Racing

    01 yz250f plastic change to 04

    Thanks for the info. How did you put a older motor in a 06 frame?
  3. I want to put a set of 04 style numbers on my 01 yz250f. What all do I need to change other than the airbox to put them on. Will the 01 subframe work with the newer plastic. Thanks
  4. I have a 07 yz450 I just replaced the engine cases. It runs good and when it is in gear it stays in gear. The problem is when I go from 1-2 I hit neutral about 30% of the time, and when I go from2-3 I have to use excesive force tp put it into gear 40% of the time. 3-4 4-5 are also harder to get in to gear but not as bad as 2-3. It dont make any extra noises. If I am under 1/2 throttle it shift easier. When I down shift I dont have to many problems. I thought it could be that the lever was in the wrong position so I moved it but it didnt help. Any help would be greatley appriciated. Thanks
  5. H 17 Racing

    Kansas monthly ride...for November

    everyone bailed on me so my wife said I cant go. Sorry I hope to make it to your next ride.
  6. H 17 Racing

    Kansas monthly ride...for November

    My inlaws said that the lake is only a few feet over conservation, so it should be good to ride. I live in Glen Elder by waconda lake or Beloit Ks. I'm not sure what we will be driving i can post someting saterday night when we know for sure.
  7. H 17 Racing

    Kansas monthly ride...for November

    If the weather is nice my friends and I are going to try to make it over to ride. I'm not sure how many of us can go but hopefully 3 or more. I didnt even know that there was a forum to meet and ride with people till last weekend. I hope to see you this weekend.
  8. H 17 Racing

    07' yz450 rear brake problems

    I got them working this afternoon. I moved the brake lever down and bleed them backwards, opened the banjo bolt on the top of the master cylinder, then pushed the brake lever up and down slowley. Then the air bubble came out. Thank you for all your help
  9. H 17 Racing

    07' yz450 rear brake problems

    I bleed the brakes backwards, and thier is no air in the line. After doing this I pushed the brake pedal and it moved the piston out about a 1/8 inch and it quit moving. When I look through the glass on the side of the master cylinder I can see air bubbles go to the top every time the pedal is pushed. Does that mean the master cylinder needs replaced.
  10. H 17 Racing

    07' yz450 rear brake problems

    That is how I was doing it. Sorry I wasnt more specific.
  11. H 17 Racing

    07' yz450 rear brake problems

    I havent seen any air come out of the bleed screw, and I drained it for awhile. I pulled resivor cap and filled fluid to top and pushed the brake lever, the fluid leved didnt move at all.
  12. I have a 2007 yz450 and the rear brake quit working last weekend. The pedal moves full stroke and it dont have any resistance from the master cylinder. If I pump it and try to bleed the brakes it just dribbles out. I tipped it on the left side and lifted the rear of the bike and still no change. The fluid is full and I refilled it when trying to bleed the brakes. Does anyone have any ideas? Any help would be greatly appriciated.
  13. I am just checking to see if anyone uses studded tires on thier motocross tracks in the winter while thier is still ice and snow covering the track. If so how long will they last. It seems like it will be the only way to ride this winter. But before spending a lot of money I would like to know if its worth it. Thanks
  14. H 17 Racing

    Got my MRD today 07 450

    Great looking bike Thanks for the product recomendation.
  15. H 17 Racing

    Broken bones injurys Or am I crazy

    I Hope next year goes better for you. You deserve it.