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  1. RedRooRider

    Cant Kick-Start CRF450X- Need Help

    How have you ended up with this Mike? Problem solved yet? You should be able to kick start her nice & easy if she is running right. If you haven't checked valve clearances yet, I would suggest that would be the next thing you should do. You will have all sorts of trouble kicking her to life if the valves are out of whack.
  2. RedRooRider

    odometer cable question

    Nothing. I figure if you hit something close / hard enough to take the cable out, you are going to take out the right radiator as well in which case it will be the least of your concerns. P.S. I've been riding in some very snotty stuff of late with plenty of opportunity to snag the cable and it has been just fine.
  3. RedRooRider

    WARNING Honda kickstart

    Keep on em KC. Whilst it is not a "warranty" concern, it should be fixed by Honda under "policy" due to assembly defect. How old did you say your bike was?
  4. RedRooRider

    The best money spent on your bike

    JD Jetting & Hyde Bash Plate
  5. RedRooRider

    XR400 up to CRF450X

    Just done the move up myself. Hated the thought of moving from the XR to a bike with "questionable" reliability. The CRF is so much more bike than the XR will ever be (perhaps with the excpetion of reliability - yet to be proven in the long term). You will LOVE the motor and suspension package, and the electric start and lower weight will have you wondering why you didn't take the plunge earlier (especially when you look at your mates pciking up thier bikes on a gnarly hill and trying to kick them over).
  6. RedRooRider

    winter- remove battery or tender it?

    Why would you stop riding in winter??? Isn't that the best time to ride?? Or does it constantly snow in Utah during winter or something (BTW, I have a mate here who lives for snow riding - never done it myself).
  7. RedRooRider

    All jacked up

    Make sure you get on to an expert who knows how to rebuild you properly Falconjet. You wouldn't trust your CRF to just any old mechanic, so why trust your body to just any old Doc. Good luck and fight the good fight. Hope to see (hear you are) you back in the saddle bloke !!!
  8. RedRooRider

    Picture of the week

    Absolute pi55a. Kosts Tunsov Money
  9. RedRooRider

    450x less maintenance than 250x??

    Totally agree. My mate rides a 250X and he is revving the bejeezus out of it to keep up with the big bores. I find on the 450X I spend 95% of my time below 10,000 rpm which has to help engine life (I'm tipping my mate spends 95% of his time above 10k rpm - with the reverse effect). BTW - he is about to get rid of it to get a 450 - which we all said he should have got in the first place.
  10. RedRooRider

    How about hand guards

    I have kept the stockers. They take a big hit and don't deflect and the color matches perfectly (naturally). If I do ever have a problem with them (which I am not predicting), I would probably go for the Acerbis full plastics - had them on my XR400 for 10 years without a problem and they look trick.
  11. RedRooRider

    Trouble shifting new bike

    Can't have been easy to admit that Combat. Thanks for owning up and setting the record straight for us. Glad to hear it too.
  12. RedRooRider

    Kick starting

    You're right DD. No throttle and solid kit on compression stroke is the key. I find a couple of twists of the throttle (before the kick) to prime helps when starting from cold.
  13. RedRooRider

    Cant Kick-Start CRF450X- Need Help

    My 450X is the easiest bike to start I have ever owned - either electric or kicking. I have only used the kickstart perhaps 4 times since I have owned it (just to demonstrate to my mates that she starts as easily kicking as with pushing the button), and every time it took just 1 solid kick to start her. Lovely stuff. But like some of the other guys, I have been riding 4 strokers (mostly XR's) since I started riding so I probably have the TDC knack and solid kick down pat by now.
  14. RedRooRider

    I'm going to join the 450X club real soon

    I just did the top of the airbox cut out only and not even the entire top either. I left a "lip" in front of the battery and fllowed the top edge around to give a bit more protection from water entering in. But thats was just my preference cause I do alot of winter / mud / water crossings on my rides and I didn't like the idea of drowning the bike in the middle of nowhere on an overnight etc...
  15. RedRooRider

    need a good pipe suggestions

    So long as I don't damage it, I am staying with the stocker with the baffle trimmed / removed (depending on riding location - closed or public). Otherwise, I would be fitting a Pro Circuit Type 496 with the quiet tip.