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  1. Turismo

    Aftermarket clutch basket

    GYT-R (Hinson rebranded but cheaper!)
  2. Turismo

    Top ten Genuine parts

    Yeah, the front sprocket lock washer too! as well as jets, seat bolts, exhaust gaskets, fork seals. I need frame oil drain bolt washer!
  3. Turismo

    Why is 18 inch rear better for off-road?

    I'm interested in the 90 size front tires. The 20" fronts wern't that popular, but I think they would be great for offroad. I don't like the idea of having to buy a front wheel (easier than changing rim and spokes) to change the front tire. Rear 18" wheels are easy to get hold of for real cheap if you have a YZ.
  4. Turismo

    Why is 18 inch rear better for off-road?

    The crank/flywheel is the driving force, what ever it has to drive takes power away...... Quite simple really.
  5. Turismo

    Fuel screw replacement

    Here mate: http://www.thumperfaq.com/fuel_screw.htm
  6. Oh yeah!!!!! That looks hotter than the hurricane kit for sure!!!!!! I would buy that as my first mod, although asthetics is usually last on my list.
  7. Turismo

    Chain Questions

    yeah, get the 520, in what ever brand/style you want. I always get a 120 link chain and break to size. That way you always have spare links.
  8. Turismo

    Aftermarket clutch basket

    Not to mention aftermarket baskets offer better oil flow. Are they worth the price? If you have increaced the power a fair bit, or worn out the original one. Most wear out the original one first.
  9. Turismo

    Best sounding exhaust

    I would say the advantage is power placement. A weight saving on the WR is welcome, but not really noticed that much. The more bottom and mid range the bike has got, the easier it is to ride. This is the reason why Yamaha has tuned their '07 WR for more bottom and mid range, just like the CRF-X. This is one reason I don't like the quiet pipes, as they rob bottom end, making the bike harder to ride.
  10. Turismo

    Yamaha response

    How often do you change the oil? What oil are you using?
  11. Turismo

    Grey Wire Mod 05 WR 250FT

    Yes, aussie spec '05+ bikes have it. Difference is suttle, but noticable. Just pull the wire out of the harness.
  12. Turismo

    Hydraulic Clutch?

    They are great, until they fail. If you get one, make sure you take some spare fluid in a syringe to get you out of the poo poo.
  13. Turismo

    Sprockets for wr250

    Yeah, personal preference. Also depends a huge ammount on how restricted the bike is too. I run 13/49 on the wr250f, it has a vortex ignition and gytr pipe. Stock gearing (13/52) for the wr250 is actually pretty good. It just lacks pace for high speed sections. Once you add a pipe to your bike, the gearing becomes too short.
  14. Turismo

    Engine Sputter at high RPM

    A change in temperature is enough to change your settings. I would do what Lasik says, and clean it out first.
  15. Turismo

    Why is 18 inch rear better for off-road?

    It is a driven force, not the driving force. You will loose torque.