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  1. Hey guys I installed the CW 276cc kit. Went thru the usual break in stuff, changed oil, etc. Dropped down a MJ size to 170, but haven't played with the needle yet. Heres the thing: I just paid $9K for my kids first year in college and didn't want to buy the whole JD kit ($85) just for the blue needle. The OBETP is installed. I had the 170 Main jet so I used that and the bike def rips. Waaay better power and more down low where this bike needed it. To fine tune the jetting I would like to try swapping out the needle. Im close and don't want to screw anything up, just looking to do some needle tweaking. Can anyone recommend a performance needle thats better than stock based on sea level-1000ft? 07'250XCF. Thanks!
  2. wayneoXCF

    85 CR250

    Looks amazing. Great job.
  3. VERY lucky. Ive seen waay too many people get squashed by a quad. No thanks.
  4. wayneoXCF

    Titling an off-road bike

    Great looking build.
  5. I have read some threads here that mention that improper break in, (too easy) can lead to this issue. You may have to search a bit but it has been discussed.
  6. wayneoXCF

    To buy a KDX or not to buy a KDX...

    How about the next morning when you go to the garage and know you totally scored!! Nice job dude.
  7. wayneoXCF

    To buy a KDX or not to buy a KDX...

    Sometimes you have to pull the trigger on bikes like this. In late October I picked up an 02 KDX200 that was super clean. Original sprockets, chain (even had its original handguards) and no frame wear for $1700. After getting into it, I realized from the look of it, that the bike has possibly just over a hundred miles. At $2200 I would say yours is a little high, but if its in great condition a deal for 2K would be pretty reasonable IMO. Go for it! Awesome woods bike.
  8. wayneoXCF

    Speedometer options?

    Trail Tech Endurance 2. Have had 3 so far on diff bikes. Around $80.
  9. wayneoXCF

    St George / Coral Dunes

    Hey all Im taking the family out to see some parks etc. Does anyone know of an ATV rental outfit that wont charge me $700 to rent 4 ATVS for 4 hrs?!!! PM me if you dont want to post. Thx!
  10. wayneoXCF

    280 Kit on my '07 250XCF

    Thats what im hearing all around. I like this bike and prob not replacing it soon so hopefully it will find some new life with the kit.
  11. Picked up a Cylinder Works kit and about to take the plunge! Looking forward to the overall power/torque improvement and waking up this old dog. Anything specific to be aware of? Would like to hear from some of you guys that have done this and if you had any issues either during or after your build. Thx in advance!
  12. wayneoXCF

    Klx140g vs ttr230 vs crf230f

    The class in general isnt all that thrilling. Heavy bikes, soft suspension. Take a look at these AJP bikes. Way more equipped than the jap bikes, its not even close. If I were buying in that class I would go straight to these at 5K. http://www.motorcycle.com/manufacturer/ajp/ajp.html
  13. wayneoXCF

    Cr80 kickstart

    I dont have a link to a video but there are 2 holes on the starter spindle. If you put the end of the spring into the wrong hole, (the hole thats visible at top), you wont be able to pretension it. It goes in the hole under the starter spindle on left side, not the hole on top. Hope this helps.
  14. wayneoXCF

    CR125R Kickstarter won't come off shaft?

    The kicker has to come off to get case off to get to the water pump seals. Hit it with some PB blaster or wd40 and tap it loose, also get at it with a wire brush so the juice gets in the threads. Unless some hack used JB weld on it, it has to come loose!
  15. wayneoXCF

    07 CR125 budget build

    I thought you had a budget? Lol.