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  1. bigred455

    2019 yz450f cornering

    You are right on the money about power delivery especially with the 18 and staying in a straight line coming out of the corner,not drifting.
  2. bigred455

    Video: 2019 450 Factory Bikes

    Look and you shall see 1:40 into video
  3. bigred455

    Video: 2019 450 Factory Bikes

    saw all the vent and over flow tubes
  4. bigred455

    Video: 2019 450 Factory Bikes

    I am a fan of the cable
  5. bigred455

    Video: 2019 450 Factory Bikes

    Also carb! Barcia also running hyd clutch
  6. bigred455

    18 YZ450F valve clearance 18.5hrs

    I changes 2-3hrs Rotella T-4 filter every other
  7. bigred455

    AV Fuel 100 LL Myths

    My bike has been sitting for 4 weeks because of weather,Avgas in tank and can will not be dumped like pump fuel!Savings right there
  8. bigred455

    2018 yzf 450 gearbox issues

    Normal nothing to worry about!
  9. bigred455

    AV Fuel 100 LL Myths

  10. Right around yours 2000rpm,that may not work for you,I am pretty sure the manual lists 1900,but it is not crucial,not unless it flames out
  11. bigred455

    How often do you lube your chain?

    https://www.walmart.com/ip/Dupont-Chain-Saver-Wax-Based-Chain-Lube-3-5-fl-oz-Aersol-Can/36023949?athcpid=36023949&athpgid=athenaItemPage&athcgid=null&athznid=PWVUB&athieid=v0&athstid=CS020&athguid=851b098e-835-167e5b6c59e0b7&athena=true I clean with wd-40 even if I don't wash the bike after track time and use this and put bike away until next track time.This lube is outstanding mud ,dirt sand,everywhere on bike except chain and sprockets.Must try!!!! Let sit a 1/2 hr before ride
  12. bigred455

    18 YZ450F valve clearance 18.5hrs

    I totally agree good luck with that on another brand,that is the main reason I stay BIGBLUE with 4 strokes,I know the valves don't budge.I enjoy checking them and just to prove straight from the factory checking them so many hrs and documenting it I like to do and will continue to do.
  13. bigred455

    AV Fuel 100 LL Myths

    There are a lot of myths about leaded race fuel and AV Fuel 100 LL. One of the myths is that it will foul your plug with deposits of lead. This is a fallacy. This is my original plug - straight from the factory with 18.5 hours on it (majority of the time running the TP map). You can see for yourself....I have run nothing but AV Fuel 100 LL from the first day. Don't let the LL (low lead) full you. It still has a significant amount of lead. I run this fuel for its consistency, lubricity (for the valves), and long-term stability. It is also highly regulated. Always ran it in my bikes, always will. Pump fuel will wreak more havoc in a motocross motor than you can imagine,especially when fuel has been sitting in tank or can. I will never trust pump fuel in a $10,000 machine. The cost of the AV Fuel is offset by the necessity of disposing of the pump fuel that sits in a bike or gas can too long (3 weeks) due to weather or other reasons for not being able to ride.
  14. bigred455

    18 YZ450F valve clearance 18.5hrs

    Yes we know,but will be checking every 20hrs, why not!
  15. I posted my valve clearances after and hr on the motor,these are after 18.5 hrs. LI=.005 RI=.005 LE=.007 RE=.007 These are the same clearances when I checked them after a hrs time.Still dead in the middle only 18.5hrs but still.