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  1. frezno

    Fork Oils

    You need about 565cc oil per side (should result in an airchamber of about 110-120mm) You can use either SAE10 fork oil or ATF
  2. frezno

    WP Air Fork Reviews?

  3. frezno

    Rear shock

    still weired, even if the compression now seems to work. For the slow rebound there are a couple of possibilities: Too low N2 Rebound rod stucks Piston rod mounted wrong (too far in) Low N2 has already been discussed. A stucking rebound rod is not very common an Kayaba shocks Although there is usually no need to remove the clevis some do it nevertheless. Count the rebound clicks from full open to full closed. Should be around 24 +/- 2 clicks As said before, as the shock doesn't work as supposed to, bring it back and let it check.
  4. frezno

    Rear shock

    that's pretty strange then. The rod not returning out again means, that there is no (or way too little) N2 in the reservoir. Usually that ruins the blatter as well. If the shock has been serviced properly then try to find out why it's loosing N2. That's no usual behavior.
  5. frezno

    Rear shock

    it means that you should give the shock to be serviced.
  6. frezno

    TM EN 250 2013 KYB Fork Help

    Pushing a post after not getting an answer withing 5 hours on a Sunday...
  7. it's squeezing the peening and threads making the threads surface an equal height and that way the head can be unscrewed. here's a pic of the tool in action.
  8. i should have made i smiley at my post. wasn't meant to be offending or alike. back to your fork. The cause of a rod being sucked back is a broken seal of the floating piston. and since all's disassembled anyway you should replace the (blue) cartridge seal as well. That gives you a perfect sealed and perfectly working cartidge (=damping) again.
  9. i'm asking myself, why did i spent my time to give an answer and provide you with the (correct) solution of the problem, when it's ignored anyway. Do whatever you want, but unless you don't do, what i've wrote, you won't succeed.
  10. ICS seal should be replaced - and by doing this, you'd better change the cartridge seal as well
  11. frezno

    First time spring replacement kyb

    take a look at this video it shows changing the seals what you don't want to do, but the initial procedure is the same. Oilvolume is 345cc SAE5 oil
  12. yep, learning is a never ending story - and often it's learnng by doing... we all have been (or are still) at this stage
  13. frezno

    Can I add oil?

    best way of course would be to have an equal oil level on both sides. You can fill oil into the fork through the air bleeding device on top of the fork by using a syringe
  14. usually it comes out. maybe you baked it somewhat while heating the head.