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  1. zipcoolie

    clarke tank on an E

    Any updates on the 4.25 Acerbis on an E? Inquiring minds want to know...
  2. zipcoolie

    Plugged pilot jet

    I had the same problem. I squirted a bit of carb cleaner through the pilot jet, and the carb in general. Worked.
  3. zipcoolie

    100% Dirt to 50% Dirt/Street Conversion

    I just buy the stick on lead weight strips. I start sticking weight opposite the rim lock, usually takes 2.5 oz front, a bit more on the rear. It's usually close enough for cruising around. If you have the wheels off, by all means be a bit more accurate!
  4. zipcoolie

    drc tail light....

    I would say if you have an S get the original Edge, if you have an E model go with the Edge 2, as it's plastic an much lighter. I got the Edge 2 for my E, fits and looks great. Price was only around $50.
  5. zipcoolie

    Thor 50/50 boot

    Don't know that I would use them for riding, but I think they'd be kind of cool just to wear around, depending on how comfortable they were.
  6. zipcoolie

    For those who have the DRC edge

    Move to Colorado, we don't need no stinkin' turn signals...
  7. zipcoolie

    how much is a 2003 E worth??

    I just bought a like new 2002 E model for $3000. All stock, and literally like new, maybe 10 hours of easy dirt road riding. 3k'ish for a well kept 2003 seem fair to me.
  8. zipcoolie

    Hanging Idle after Re-jet

    Okay, went to 2.5 turns out, better, but still hanging. Worked my way out to 3 turns, and it's idling almost perfect. Had to mess witht he idle screw a bit, but no big thing. Hopefully that will do it, as I guess I don't really have much adjustment left on the screw. Should I go to a slightly bigger pilot jet next time I have the carb out? I'm thinking with colder weather I could end up lean again. Another case of hanging idle caused by lean at idle solved.
  9. zipcoolie

    Hanging Idle after Re-jet

    Yeah, it seems clear now, but last night at 10PM I thought myself into a corner. So I have to go richer on the fuel screw. Does it seem a bit odd that at my altitude I'm on a 45 pilot and having to go 2.5 turns out? In any case, I'll try this tonight. Thanks.
  10. zipcoolie

    float level?

    I hope not on the clip level thing. I counted from the top down. I'm sure this has been covered a million times. If everyone else would please get off the server, I could do a search.
  11. zipcoolie

    Putting S carb back on...

    Just know you're not alone! I slapped some duct tape on the frame, and used a box end wrench (round end so as not to tear the boot) to lever the rubber air box boot back. Thought about the sub-frame, but with my luck I would tear some wires or such...
  12. zipcoolie

    Hanging Idle after Re-jet

    I started with the fuel screw at two turns out. I gradually screwed it in, until it was pretty much closed. Still had a hanging idle. I'm a bit confused, does turning the fuel screw in restrict fuel flow, i.e. making for a leaner condition? I searched more after I posted this, and it seems that commonly a hanging idle is caused by a lean condition. If this is the case, shouldn't I be turning the fuel screw out more?
  13. zipcoolie

    Hanging Idle after Re-jet

    I was hoping for a bit of help. I recently bought a 2002 DRZ400E, nearly new. It was stock when I bought it. Purchased from a guy who never rode it, so the carb was gunked up, pilot jet was plugged. Anyway, did the following Pulled Snorkle Cleaned Carb JD Jet Kit 148 Main Blue needle clip position #3 from top 45 Pilot (stock) Extended Fuel Screw 2 turns out Jetting is Eddie's recomendation for my altitude - 7300' After I got it back together, bike fired right up. Runs good, slight bog off idle. When warm, idle hangs, but will eventually settle down after 30 or more seconds. If I blip the throttle, idle hangs high again. When the idle is hanging, if I pull the choke momentarily, out and in real quick, idle settles down to normal. Any ideas? Could this be an air leak? I've checked to make sure throttle cables aren't hanging.
  14. zipcoolie

    Looking for Blue...

    All I need for the rejetting of my 400E is a James Dean Blue Needle. Anyone have one laying around? Be glad to pay you fair market value. I'd rather not buy the whole $65 kit for one stinkin' needle, but I will if I have to.