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  1. topaz250

    Oil brand change advice

    nothing better than an oil thread.: -) 15-50 ester based synthetic, your choice of brand, change every 2k or less if mostly offroad ….. google gnarly parts or fortnine
  2. topaz250

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    06 is definitely the best color combo DRZ. surprised you got stuck since yellow is also the fastest, next time twist wrist more.
  3. no way that's gonna hold anything more than the $hitter dump tube and that spare. you need to structurally beef up everything for the weight you want to add.
  4. topaz250

    Jetting question (sorry-search not working) BC rider

    JD instructions are excellent. I used "back in the day TT guru's " recommendations: main=155 pj=22.5 stock if using keintech fuel screw 4th clip, JD kit say 3rd Blue needle Working great for me.
  5. topaz250

    Scooter rider observations

    6. signal on while scooting straight ahead. 7. shorts and flip flops
  6. topaz250

    Soft Waterproof Luggage

    for sure. checkout giantloop. Really like mine.
  7. nice, bet the hauler's liking the dually.
  8. e2 fastwaytrailer works good for me, little smaller size trailer and bigger tow vehicle. don't use additional sway control. from the pic's i'm thinking 3500lbs would be optimistic. have you verified on truck scales? I weighed my "3300lb" Lance and the axle weight was 3600lbs + 350 tongue according to the truck scales. manufacturers have lots of fine print.
  9. topaz250

    TTR125L - best engine protection

    happy with the moose. BBR's design relates if you're jumping the TTR. TTR's need lots more suspension if you jumping anything.
  10. topaz250


    nice bike. check out dualsportbc for local conditions.
  11. topaz250

    why wont my truck start ?

    similar symptoms to my brothers 97. his turned out to be the fuel pump. sensor issues usually throw a code. have you checked out gmt400.com? lots of guru's.
  12. topaz250

    3x3 with stock exhaust

    I know the JD kit comes with everything you need, including float blow screws, follow the kits instructions, they're very good. I went with the 4th clip for pnw conditions. Only option i did was add the extended fuel screw following TT instructions with the primary jet. mine runs flawless, stock exhaust.
  13. topaz250

    Need suggestions on saddlebags for my Dizzer.

    check out giantloopmoto, great quality, imo. your backpack must be pretty heavy. Giantloop mojavi, works great for lighting the load and I don't even no its there.
  14. topaz250

    Chevy 1500 motor swap

    http://www.chevrolet...ngines/ls3.html 383crate motor is my choice. The 95 is GM's bastard child for certain things. gmt400.com for other ideas and help.