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  1. yzdude250f


    Dubach racing you wouldn't know my girlfriends ttr was a small bore bike if you heard it without seeing it
  2. yzdude250f

    Flywheel e-start vs non and starter removal TTR125

    If your swapping a stock flywheel for a stock non e start fly wheel your wasting your time, either have the factory one lightened and keep the e start or delete the e start and have a non electric start flywheel lightened up.
  3. yzdude250f

    Ttr125L pipe

    I've used a dubach racing, and the more expensive fmf 4.1, I like the 4.1 because it tucks behind the number plate, I like the dubach it's a good performer and makes the bike sound like a big bike, do the air box mods, and look into lightening the flywheel.
  4. yzdude250f

    Trailer questions

    Love my 5x8 so when your hauling full sized bikes your not banging bars and the bar ends don't have to hang over the edge of the trailer like you would to haul double on a 4x6. You can load two forward and one back ward on mine to fit three if need be.
  5. yzdude250f

    Anyone try ebay chinese brake rotors ?

    Haven't run them on a bike of mine, but I had a friend on a budget and we put one on his rm250 about two years back with no issue
  6. yzdude250f

    relapped valves now cant kickstart

    I'm willing to bet the timing chain slipped off the lower gear, I've assembled several engines for customers and never had the issue of the chain dropping off the lower gear as the guide keeps it from slipping off on the bigger bikes, I did a simple afternoon cam swap on my girlfriends ttr125 timed the engine even rolled it over a few times by hand to verify timing. As soon as I hit the button and the engine turned over faster than normal I knew what happened. You've probably bent the valves I'm willing to bet if you pull the side cover and flywheel off you'll notice the chain sitting on the snout of the crank vs the teeth of the timing gear.
  7. My 2000 yz250 probably one of my favorites in the fleet
  8. yzdude250f

    What hauls your bike?

    This set up Or this set up
  9. yzdude250f

    2005 YZ250F Throttle Position Sensor, Please Help me?

    Typically you don't remove the tps on a carb without marking the sensor and housing to know where it was set. Also the clock spring inside the sensor should not be tampered wit, if you've really cranked on it or moved it past it's mechanical means tampering with it using a screwdriver you've probably damaged it without knowing it. To properly install the sensor just index the sensor with the shaft on the carb install the torx screw and leave it loose, start the bike and adjust the tps by turning it until you have the desired value on your meter. Lots have people have run bikes with the tps unplugged so if you can't get it right I wouldn't worry.
  10. yzdude250f

    Would you fix my bike or ditch my bike?

    "I would give the carb a good cleaning, adjust the valves and sell it" Untill he sells the bike and buys another one from someone who uses your motto and ends up with another piece of shit in a short while either fix them right and keep them or part them out, I rarely half ass patch something together that I'm selling.
  11. yzdude250f

    Throttle not working (turning throttle doesn't give it any gas)

    Id clean the pilot jet, and needle and float assembly
  12. yzdude250f

    06 TTR125 will only idle with the choke on

    If your bike won't idle without the choke your pilot jet and pilot circuit in the carb is typically the culprit, you need to take the jets out and run a fine wire or compressed air thru the passages. I'd go buy a new pilot jet as sometimes you'll think it's clean but it's really not. I'd also advise against messing with the float height at this time there's probably old fuel varnish or debris on the tip of it or on it's sealing surface in the carb causing the excess over flow.
  13. yzdude250f

    Air filter oil...again

    I have pretty good luck with pj1 aerosol, but as stated you do want even coverage as you do have some botches and bare spots.
  14. Our local Yamaha dealer is pretty shitty same situation no jets etc, but I dare not say it my local Honda dealer carries jets etc and also owns a Yamaha dealer ship just a few hours away so they order from them and typically have it within a day or two. We also have a pretty decent dealership that carries all brands and is a pretty good parts resource but I like the guys at Honda better and it's close to the house. They give me hell and joke around about me ordering Yamaha parts from Honda but they are a great group of guys, my buddies and I go out and ride with the parts guys.