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    Crf 450 leaking water pump seal

    and are you 100% positive you are putting the seal in with the flat side toward motor ("open" spring side out) ?
  2. so just a follow up.. not much improvement. I tried another 08 carb i bought on ebay. Ran worse, leaking gas even though the company said it was "rebuilt". looks good, new slide plate, jets, etc, but perhaps float jet wasn't seating. Almost wouldn't idle, and stalled alot. Then would leak gas out the overflow slowly and was almost impossible to start. .. mechanic said coil wire didn't ohm out, so put a new wire/cap on and put my old carb back on. Starts easy, idles ok, doesn't stall, but still has same 1/4- 1/2 throttle rough running issue. Nearly no improvement over my original issue. gonna try some more stuff, and see about getting a float jet for the "newish" carb. We have all the jetting the same. I also am wondering if the misfire issue is stator or ecu related. It's running a bit rich it would appear, as the muffler opening is quite sooty.

    Installing new valves

    just to clarify.. you MUST NOT do anything to TI valves themselves.. there is a coating on the TI oem valves (intake, i think ex are steel) and doing anything to these valves removes the coating and they will be turned into junk.
  4. thanks for input so far guys. unscrewed both ends of the coil wire (from coil and from blue rubber cap) and snipped 1/4" or so off both ends. Didn't seem to make much diff and was still breaking up a bit when holding steady throttle at low mid and high throttle (but in neutral) . So with the tank off already, i adjusted the needle clip. it was in the middle. i figured that the break-up was a lean condition, so i raised the needle. That made it way worse. way more sputtering. So I went the other direction and dropped the needle all way down (2 positions from where it was originally, clip is at top now, leaner). . and it was much better. better than before. it almost holds a good steady rpm with a set throttle position. played with the fuel screw, idle didn't change much from 3 turns out to all way in, but seems best about 1.5 turns out. Not holding my breath though, may be very different under load, and will get a new plug cap while at it. still leaning toward replacing carb. takes me a long time to type a reply with the banner ads scrolling.. and i have 30mpbs high speed internet..
  5. gonna try cutting back the coil wire a little from the cap and coil. unscrew the wire from them and snip off a 1/4" or so.. see if that helps.
  6. has a new oem stator less than 50 hours ago, even tried another flywheel later. high tension lead ? what is that.. the cap (that covers and goes on the spark plug) is not replaced. yes, it does "blubber" a little at nearly all steady throttle positions. It revs up and down good when you roll the gas on and off.. it's steady throttle where issues arise. Also has an idle that hangs, then comes down. sometimes on it's own, sometimes ya have to rev a time or two to get idle to come down.
  7. 07-08 went 1 mm larger on inner bore of carb body, but OD is same, so they fit on any 02-08 boots.
  8. new vacuum plate about a year ago. stupid thing is like $65 . didn't help.
  9. have replaced the needle, and the emulsion tube a couple times actually thinking this was the issue early on. saw some threads last year about that. no fix. I am betting carb body is just plumb wore out. its not easy to feel any drag or hang up when motor is off, but when running, and suction created the pull has a little. yes. cleaned it a couple times don't know about the tps setting, but talking to JD jetting, they said just unplug it.. not needed. I tried that and performance was similar, but a tad better when plugged. they said as you are, the 07 was a better design, however i find the small roller bearing that rides on the ramp-up cam AP design worse. the earlier model had smoother action as it was a metal flat slide that rode on the cam. my carb literally has 700 hours on the meter.. for sure potential for buying someones junk, but if i find a lower hour carb for $250 or so it should bolt up no problem? i would need to cut the TPS lead off the 08 carb as it's long and crimp it to the short lead of the earlier carb. ? thanks
  10. i have 700 hours on the meter of my 2008 crf450r. i have been fighting ongoing steady throttle erratic rpm behavior for a long time. It starts within 3-4 kicks, is very strong and will rev through the rpm range to the limiter with ease, drops rpm without popping, idles but the idle does hang often, then drop. once it settles, it idles even. Trouble is when you hold a steady rpm, at nearly any throttle position, it just is running but sputtering a bit. not ideal, as the front end gets heavy when you are expecting steady power. it does not run hot, nor have issues starting when hot. Have done lots of stuff, new stator, motor is fresh (crank, rod,piston,seats cut, new valves, etc), new boot between carb and head, on the carb over the past year or so i have replaced the slide plate with rubber gasket, butterfly rod and accel pump cam, tried some different jetting, just took it apart again and replaced the pilot jet (42) and had re-installed the oem fuel screw after reading that some issues arise from using the aftermarket screws that i had been using. just took the MID body apart and replaced the intricate rubber gaskets there at the suggestion from jd jetting. no change. squirt jet is working . can i use the carb off earlier crf450's without an issue? outer diam of the bore is same even though inner diam went up a mm or so for 07-08. it does look like i would need to swap out the TPS lead though, as the 08 has a long lead that runs over to the plugs behind the right side radiator. (and i would have to set that tps correctly ) thanks.
  11. you don't know what you are looking at.. the floaties in Engine Ice are anti foaming agents. NOT "scaling". You had other problems sir. I have 650 HOURS on my 2008 crf450r, and have been racing my 2008 Yamaha R6 roadrace bikes, since 2008.. every season. ZERO buildup. Zero . And the motors get rebuilt every season. Often reusing the same Engine ice. So take your uninformed info elsewhere please. Or at least contact engine ice and ASK them about this if you don't take my word for it. There is no way i would ever use evans .. It's waterless, so it will not boil over, BUT that is a problem if you tend to run in conditions where an engine can get really hot. I want to KNOW if the motor is over 258F ! (boil over point of engine ice). If i see steam that is getting on the header of my bikes from the overflow, i know i better get MOVING! i would rather see that, than have costly engine damage.
  12. well.. Engine Ice is BIODEGRADABLE So dump it wherever ya want..
  13. MELK-MAN

    06 crf450r clutches

    FYI - with a rekluse auto clutch , you still maintain ALL manual functionality. You can use that lever to your hearts desire. You will need a basket no matter what. Even the full "core 3.0exp" does not come with a basket, but does come with a special center hub and pressure plate (and metals). The $400 exp3.0 is just a fiber plate, that expands/contracts to engage/disengage the clutch. It's not a magic clutch, you still have to pick gears.. check out the vids on their website. very informative.
  14. MELK-MAN

    06 crf450r clutches

    no.. you would simply remove some of the metals and fibers. Then adjust the free gain at the clutch perch per the rekluse instructions (watch the vid) If you ride a lot, i wouldn't waste my time with a oem clutch basket. you save a little time on install not havin to replace the drive gear on the back, but the basket is like butter, and will grove in less than 50 hrs. I would get a good brand billet basket and grind the buttons of the old one to put on the billet replacement. it will come with small screws to attach it. be sure to use locktite, then heat it to remove the screws in futuer if needed. the rubber cushions may need replaced.