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  1. Fabulous

    Stage 3 AC dislocation questions.

    Yeah, it is the big bump, or step that is bugging me the most. It's about a 0.5" bump where the clavical meets the shoulder, and it just looks plain shitty! I'm really happy with my range of motion, as it seems like it's almost back to normal, and I have very little pain stretching it out etc. It feels weak, and I get a little pain in the area when I lift, or pull on heavy items, like something is loose in there (which I guess it is). Problem here is that the Dr. said that they do not do surgery on a stage 3 unless you are a professional athelete, only stage 4's are manditory surgery sutuations. I feel like I should go to my family Dr. to get an appointment with a specialist. Maybe I'm just vain, but I don't think I will be happy if the bump stays like it is for the rest of my life, as I'll feel like a deformed freak.
  2. Hey all, I dislocated my right shoulder about two months ago while riding, and I have some questions in regards to healing. When it initially happened I was in my hometown which is really small. They x-rayed it and the Dr. said it was a stage 4, and would require surgery, but that they couldn't do it there, and suggested coming back to Calgary (where I live) to get it done. When I got to Calgary they re-did x-rays, but with the sling on, and said it was a stage 3, to suck it up, and pretty much rushed me out. So, two months later and it feels alright- I have most of my range of motion back, but only say 50% of the strength. The worst part is that the colarbone area where it dislocated is quite a bit higher than my shoulder socket, so much that it REALLY bothers me. Is this normal for a stage 3 AC seperation? I'm really considering going back to the Dr. to have it re-evaluated, as it looks just horrible, and I don't think I want to go through life with it looking like this. Can anyone who has had this injury give me some info in regards? Will it gradually get better, or is this what I have to look forward to for the rest of my life? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Fabulous

    Left over 2009 LT-Z400?

    Sorry I haven't been back in a while...been busy with summer and all. The quad has been great so far, so great I actually sold my 08 YZ450. I haven't done much other than put on a poly TAG skid plate, and a Yoshi RS-2 full exhaust, which really woke it up. Thanks for everyones help. Cheers.
  4. Fabulous

    Riding in Calgary Area

    Just so everyone knows, the Police are handing out fines to anyone caught riding out in Irricana now. We went out there this weekend, and were told to just turn around and go. Riding in this Province sucks...I should just go back to BC.
  5. Hey all, picked up an 09 LT-Z400 a couple weeks ago, and I would like to get some nicer 7/8" bars for it. I'm looking at the Pro Taper SE high bend bars, and was wondering if anyone else has these on their 09-12 LTZ-400? I'm pretty sure they will clear the little pod on the stock bars with the reverse, neutral, fuel, and EFI guages, but I'm wondering if I'd still be able to see them without standing up to look at them. I guess I'm wondering if the bar pad will block them. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  6. Fabulous

    Left over 2009 LT-Z400?

    Good to know. Will do. Thanks.
  7. Fabulous

    Any Alberta Riders?

    Also from Calgary.
  8. Fabulous

    Riding in Calgary Area

    My buddy and I were out there yesterday and had a blast!. It's got a lot more large dirt piles now. The equipement is to be gone by end of today.
  9. Fabulous

    Left over 2009 LT-Z400?

    Well, ended up snagging the unit on Saturday, and took it out yesterday. I had a blast on it! Has good suspension, and pretty decent power...no where near my YZ450, but enough to be fun for sure. Gonna have my Wife try it out as well to see if she likes it more than her CRF250X.
  10. Fabulous

    Left over 2009 LT-Z400?

    Thanks guys. Much appreciated. I tried the unit out yesterday and it went pretty good. Now I'm wondering if I should pick it up, or sell my YZ450 and picking up a 2012 300xc. Tough choice.
  11. Fabulous

    Left over 2009 LT-Z400?

    Hello, anybody?
  12. Fabulous

    Suzuki Left over 2009 LT-Z400?

    A local dealership has a laftover 2009 Z400 for sale at pretty much half the original price. I currently ride a modified 08 YZ450 in the woods, and it's great, but I used to ride quads as well, and seeing some in the dealership kinda sparked my interest again. I used to have a LT230 Quadsport, and later a LT250R Quadracer as a teen. The Quadsport was fun, but a little underpowered, and the Quadracer was a LOT of fun but a bit much in the woods. What are the z400's like? Would it be good for trail riding, and some jumping on occasion How about reliability? My YZ has been great in terms of reliability, so if it's like that or better, then I might have to pick this thing up. Any suggestions or info is really appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Fabulous

    Switching from a 1.1 to 1.6 rad cap.

    Cool, thanks grey. I'll do a once over on all my hoses etc. to make sure that everything is good. I was going to try using engine ice coolant, or the Prestone Low Tox stuff as well to see if that helps. Like I said, I don't usually lose any coolant, but I just want the cap as a precaution just in case. I sometimes ride with a group of friends, and they bring their children, and it tends to slow the group down. Just don't want to lose coolant on those really hot days. Thanks again.
  14. Fabulous

    Switching from a 1.1 to 1.6 rad cap.

    Hello, anybody?! Grey?