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  1. bleedgreen

    Blew up my 06.

    I was thinkin that too.
  2. bleedgreen

    Blew up my 06.

    Had a valve bucket come apart or maybe valve retainers come apart. Either way I had catastrophic failure and I need a head, valves, one cam, piston. When searching I came across CP pistons who make both a 14.0:1 and a 14.2:1 piston, as well as stock. Any recomendations? Im not entirely sure if I want to build a monster or budget build this and buy a new one in a bit. I have lots tied up into this bike, including suspension mods. What do you think?
  3. bleedgreen

    Cam chain

    Absolutely do it. Mine had the same time on it and I couldnt get the marks to line up correctly, so I put a new chain with the top end and it was like new again. You will see that when you go to adjsut valves for the TDC marks.
  4. bleedgreen

    go pro wide vs go pro review

    I have the regular one I bought it before the other came available. If there is anyone in Alberta area in Canada, I am a supplier and will sell you one at a good deal. Give me a call 1-780-542-7990.
  5. bleedgreen

    Oil gallery plugged and screwed head

    Thanks but I need this bike for the end of the month and a brand new unloaded one was only 400 and its 3 days away, mind you I have to but 2 new valves into it, but atleast I know that the seats are brand new. I live in canada and id hate to be waiting for the auction to end and then shipping i cant wait that long for a head.
  6. bleedgreen

    Oil gallery plugged and screwed head

    It could have been worse but my exhaust cam where it sits directly on the head with no bearing on the right hand side of the engine ran dry. The cam started to spin directly on the head with no lubrication. It then took away the oil groove that allows the oil to get to the other side. The cam was able to push the valve just that much further down and was just barely scrubbing the piston. All in all I need a new unloaded head and im going to replace the vavles while im in there. The piston and rings dont even have 50 hours on them and the markings from the valve are so minor Im not going to worry about it. I dont know what happened but it did. I cange my oil every 5 hours. And my maint is always on time or before.
  7. bleedgreen

    Transworld MX 2009 KX250F Video

    i will be buying one when spring comes arround and they could not have chose a better song or band for that bike video.
  8. bleedgreen

    08-09 kx250f????????????????????????????...????????????

    compared to my buddys that have cr's and rmz's mine has been way better.
  9. bleedgreen

    How To Tell If Cam Chain Is Bad ?

    Your cam chain absolutly can stretch that far mine did. When i took it out i compared it to my new one and it was atleast 2 links worth longer than my brand new chain. That was the same problem I had. Change it for sure before it stretches more and skips some teeth and you have impact at 12500 rpm.
  10. bleedgreen

    Noticeable mods to an 06'

    Wow i did not realize there was a high comp piston. Im sorry. My bad. That seems high 14.5:1 wow.
  11. bleedgreen

    04 kx250f 3 out of 4 NO Valve clearance

    Get the seats done for sure. Ive never heard of somone doing valves on anything without gettn the seats cut. I would also check the timing chain. Make sure at TDC the marks lign up right exactly on the head surface also make sure that the marks are 28 links from mark to mark. Thsi will be givn you a false valve reading if the chain is strtched so much one cam is further rolled over than the other.
  12. bleedgreen

    Noticeable mods to an 06'

    Cant do a high comp piston on a 06 its already at 13.5:1 no such thing. Cams I hear make a real big difference. Most things I think just move your power arround. I would imaging head work would improve lots through the range though.
  13. bleedgreen

    Engine oil replace - how many hours?

    There are a group of us arround here that firmly beleive in changing every ride or 5-8 hours, also our valve checks and air filter cleans after everey ride. There is another group up here that believe that these new four stroke are like the old 4 strokes that you didnt have to maintain. Well Guess whos bikes are still running. These bike run to 12500 rpm and have friction material off the clutches that float arround in the oil. Dont ride on old oil. Change often. My ride routin is 1. Bag the living snot out of my bike for a day. 2. Bring it home throw a exhaust plug in and a bag over the air filter and wash until spotlees. 3. Wipe down air box and clean air filter. 4. Pull tank and check valve specs. 5. Change oil/filter(filter every ride) 6. Put everything back together. 7. Rinse once more with pressure washer. 8. Lube chain 9.quick pilish on the frame with rubbin compound and hand glaze 10.armorall all plastic. Put away
  14. bleedgreen

    Distrct 38 video

    FRICK That was a cool vid. It definitly makes me want to ride. But it also reminds me how Gay sport quads are.
  15. bleedgreen

    Is the KXF a reliable bike?

    I have alot of hours on my motor and bike and have had no problems with it. Its an 06. Just change the piston and rings along with a timing chain and valve seals when due and do your oil changes and check the air filter and valve clearances and you will be set. All bikes will break but most wont break bad if you do your maintenence.