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  1. headster

    lets see your bike in anger!!

    and me last weekend ...
  2. headster

    lets see your bike in anger!!

    No, Full wets, so basically knobblies for 17" wheels. I think I could ave got away with a Slick Rear Tire though.
  3. headster

    lets see your bike in anger!!

    Preparation for SSM this year. Come down this Sat/Sun and watch me wobble round Nick.
  4. If you had just desaturated the panels it would have looked pretty good. Next thing after that would be to look at the reflections of red in items such as the forks. I Desaturated the forks, then put a solid gold layer over the top and changed the layer to a color overlay HTH
  5. headster

    Photoshopped bike of the day

    Photoshop. Now there is a program i havent used in a while. Its been Illustrator for a year or so now.
  6. headster

    Photoshopped bike of the day

    In photoshop ... select the area's you want. Ctrl Shift U will desature or Ctrl U will bring up a hue/saturation menu and you can control the desaturation. its the very basics of colour chaning.
  7. headster

    Photoshopped bike of the day

    desaturate those areas
  8. headster

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    Revamped 04 and 07 ....
  9. headster

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    Mine Recently ....
  10. I got bored on boxing day, so i created a KTM Superduke that i've dubbed the UberDuke
  11. I cheated a little as i already had a white CR in SM trim. So just modded it a little.
  12. Here's a useful tip for those still learning the arts of Photoshop. A Common colour change is to black, with this is a common misconception that black is black. Well, actually in photos it is more common that black is more of a dark shade of blue. Here is what i mean. Original pic ... Then Desaturated... Still pretty normal. Okay after adjusting for contrast i've made it Black. Looks okay, but doesnt really look real. So here it is with a hint of blue in. All i did was saturate it in blue, then turn down the saturation until i was happy. HTH.